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But there is help for those striving to surmount • Absender: chitianshi520, 09.03.2018 09:52

Every sport has its legends. Horse racing is no exception. There have been horse legends throughout the years that people still remember and talk about. One of the most prestigious feats to accomplish in horse racing is that of a triple crown. There have only been a handful or two that have done it in the sport and a repeat is even rarer. In 1978 , there had never been a Triple Crown winner that one back to back. This was the year when horse racing history was written. Affirmed provided a new record set, and went into the history books.

The biggest part about this event was the rivalry between Affirmed and competitor Alydar. They met at first in 1977 during the Youthful Stakes. Affirmed came out the winner, but Alydar followed closely behind and started one of the greatest horse rivalries there has ever been. These 2 year olds slugged it out in almost every other race thereafter.

Earlier in 1978 Affirmed won all four starts that he had in California and it set the stage for the three Triple Crown Races. The first of the three races was initially dominated by Believe It, while Affirmed held back. In the final stretch both Affirmed and Alydar made a push, but Affirmed came out on top.

The next race was just as breathtaking , with Affirmed coming into the race on top but slowly getting pressure from Alydar. Alydar and Affirmed ran neck and neck until the end of the race where Affirmed one with the stretch of his neck. The last race of the Triple Crown happened three later at the Belmont Stakes. This was one of the most defining moments in horse racing history.

After a half mile into the race, the two horses were already running about neck and neck with Affirmed in first place. As they reached the final stretch, Alydar came right up next to Affirmed. Alydar took the initial lead down the stretch but Affirmed had just enough left in him to come out on top yet again. The crowd cheered and Affirmed secured his Triple Crown victory.

Alydar and Affirmed only raced each other one more time and it was at the Travers Stakes in Saratoga. Affirmed won this race as well but was later disqualified for interfering with Alydar earlier in the race. His following performances resulted in two more losses but he still won Horse of the Year for his incredible accomplishments. Affirmed had an incredible run during his career, and every horse trainer is hoping that their mares will compare at some point.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- One in five Americans cited the federal government as the most important problem facing the United States , down five percentage points from June but still elevated amid the tension between the White House and Congress, according to a new poll released Thursday.

Many of the respondents listed U.S. President Donald Trump, specifically, as the country's top problem, the latest Gallup poll showed.

Meanwhile , 17 percent of Americans called healthcare the most important problem, essentially unchanged from 16 percent last month.

Only seven percent of Amerians think racism or race relations as the most important problem in the United States, yet mentions about the economy continued to drop, at only six percent in August.

Immigration, a contentious issue throughout the presidential campaign and into the Trump presidency , held at seven percent.

The highest percent mentioning government as the country's most important problem in the past five years was in October 2013 during the partial shutdown of the U.S. federal government.

Factors that may have an impact on this choice include the Senate failing to pass a bill to repeal Obamacare, and Congress passing sanctions against Russia over meddling in the U.S. 2016 presidential election, Gallup analyst Art Swift said.

"So far this year, the U.S. government has consistently been top of mind when Americans are asked to name the most important problem in the U.S.," said Swift.

"The economy in general , which was the dominant concern during the Great Recession and its aftermath, remains far lower ranked today," he added.

The poll results are based on telephone interviews conducted between Aug. 2 and 6, with a random sample of 1,017 adults across the country. The margin of sampling error is four percentage points.

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Considered by some as the pinnacle of the martial arts world , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is comprised of all manner of unarmed combat techniques including strikes, throws, chokes, locks, wrestling , and more. It is a descendent of traditional jiu jitsu (sometimes spelled jujitsu) developed and improved by brothers Carlos and Helio Gracie in the first half of the 20th century.

In the 70 s, however, Rolls Gracie added important guarding positions to it. Since Gracie was slightly built, he incorporated moves that would givehim an advantage over fighters bigger than he was. This technique has been further developed by other proficients into its ultimate form, and has now turned into the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

If you want to study this form of training , it is important to find the right school.Research all of the schools in your neighborhood that offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Then take the effort to go and visit them in person.

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