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esport - Betting strategy on goal in live • Absender: lola, 27.05.2019 15:31

esport - Betting strategy on goal in live
Live betting in football it is not as easy to guess the number of goals scored in a football match as it may seem at first glance. Of course, in the game Barcelona - Osasuna is easy to predict that Barcelona will score more than 1.5 goals. Only in the last four games between the teams, the Catalans scored 16 goals. Another thing is that the coefficient on this outcome will be scanty, so this bet will not justify itself at a distance.

On the one hand, in Live mode it is easier to bet on subsequent goals, as bettor watches the development of the game, but this is only one side of the coin. The player has very little time to make the right decision, so with such bets you need to arm yourself with different models of the game for a variety of game situations.

It is not quite correct to call these models the strategy of the game, as we will analyze only the options for betting on football in Live, in different situations after the first half.

If the score is 0:0
When playing equal teams, each of which is satisfied with a draw, you can bet on the fact that the goal in the game will not be. It should pay attention to the number of shots on goal and how many dangerous moments were in the first half. If, after the first half, one of the teams has an overwhelming advantage, you should put more than 0.5 or even 1.5 on its individual total.

If the favorite loses with a difference of one ball
On the one hand, it begs a bet on the favorite at an inflated ratio, but where it will be more profitable to bet on the second goal of the outsider. If the favorite is very keen on attacks, he can easily miss a goal on the counterattack, and at this event the bookmaker will give a very decent rate.

Happy Slaves Jokanovic in Fulham

If the hosts lose with a difference of 2 or more goals
The score 0:2 or 0:3 for the home team is a big blow to the players ' self-esteem, even if their team acts as an outsider. Surely in the second half, the team will make every effort to score a goal of prestige and at least a little rehabilitate themselves in front of their fans.

If one of the teams leads with the score 2:1 or 3:2
If this score is fixed after the first half, it means that the teams play open football. Even if the winning team wants to keep the advantage, the losing team will try to eliminate the difference. In such a situation, it is possible as a draw, and increase the benefits of the winning team, so it is better to bet not on the individual total teams, and the total.

When one of the teams received a red card
If the outsider received a red card, it is likely that the team will give up and the favorite will score a goal in the second half. It is preferable in this case to put on an individual total more favorite. If the favorite gets a red card, it will revive the players of a weak team, who will believe in their strength. At the same time, the favorite will remain confident in his superiority, even taking into account the fact that on the field there are only 10 players of the team. Here you can bet on the total more.

Such game models are applicable only in standard situations when the favorite attacks and the outsider fights back. Many of the matches occur in the wrong key, which is predicted by the bookies and the majority of players, so with this development of the plot of the above situation would be inappropriate.

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