buy fifa 14 coins:The 2014 Brazil World Cup draws digital marketing surge waves

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The 2014 Brazil World Cup draws digital marketing surge waves

Regardless of gender, regardless of the time difference, and people issues are inseparable from soccer, is inseparable from the World Cup. Led me to the people who don't watch the ball, simply open the phone to see the circle of friends, you can know the score was in the Middle, which players created the own-goal. This also shows, 90% more people watching the game are used in the process of multi-screen issues because of the time difference, this year a lot of people will choose to watch game video on mobile devices. Today, the total number of mobile Internet users in China reached 8.3.8 billion units,buy fifa 14 coins scale up to 500 million mobile phone users, accounting for more than 80% of the total number of Internet users, mobile phones have become the first major Internet terminals. Have been predicted, the 2014 World Cup will probably become the signature event on mobile video development. On the, World Cup as one world of football festival, more is world various commercial created myth of opportunity, small to beer, and small food, big to car, and TV, various industry various brand are will best catch world marketing this trip floats in Internet era, various businesses face fierce and stimulus of commercial competition, towards more of user number, click here to see more about fifa coins! expanded flow variable now of results, used big data analysis capacity created has new of more screen interactive mode, became World Cup marketing finalists of important way. In particular this year, moving screens, will become an important way for 2014 World Cup information will also become a major brand marketing positions. In response to the frenzy of the World Cup season, big data marketing firm AdTime because business needs differ, prepare different channels of Internet marketing products, power of various brands of Denver's first World Cup, TV is still the fans were watching the main channel in recent years because of the emergence of interactive television so it also has the properties of networks. AdSmart AdTime is owned by one of the largest interactive TV marketing products, is the nation's largest interactive TV full-screen boot ad.

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