fifa 14 coins xbox:Russia hopes next year Brazil World Cup group winners

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Russia hopes next year Brazil World Cup group winners

FIFA cited Russia official as saying: "our team and other teams as complex as Group b (Netherlands, and Spain, and Chile, and Australia), and the Group g (Germany,fifa 14 coins xbox and Portugal, Ghana, the United States). Each team may have an impact on our road of advance, although Belgium did best in qualifying, but we are still planning to row at the top of the Panel. ”

Russia's group games in the World Cup have been identified, and Belgium, and Algeria, as well as Korea were drawn in Group h, Russia ahead of the first match will be on June 17 against the Korea team, Capello said the draw as normal, he said: "I think the draw result is normal, game-zone.co.uk we drew an interesting opponent. Our Korea people know a lot about. We have also recently played a pre-season friendly with them. Belgium is now one of the best teams in Europe, in my opinion. However, Algeria team most what we do not know, but we will have to look for victory themselves. "(Practice compilation: Gong Junyi)

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