CQB-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

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CQB series fluorine plastic magnetic centrifugal pumps refers to the flow components for the fluorine plastic (FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, fluorine alloy) material of the magnetic drive pump, also known as lining fluorine magnetic pump. The fluorine plastic magnetic drive pump using magnetic coupling drive, there is no dynamic seal point, so completely eliminate the general shaft drive centrifugal pumps manufacturer shaft seal run, run, drop, leakage phenomenon, with excellent corrosion resistance and sealing.

CQB series magnetic drive pump is divided into three models, namely: CQB-F classic, CQB-FD short bracket type, CQB-FA long bracket type. CQB-F centrifugal pumps supplier shell with plastic technology, compact structure, the design pressure 0.6Mpa, both inside and outside the magnetic ferrite, impeller with the magnetic sector. CQB-FD and CQB-FA centrifugal pumps manufacturers shell with plastic lining process, the design pressure of 1.6Mpa, inside and outside the magnetic grade for the high grade NdFeB, magnetic torque, impeller with the magnetic separation.

CQB-F Fluorine plastic magnetic drive pump application

The fluorine plastic centrifugal pump suitable medium includes: inorganic acid (sulfuric acid nitric acid hydrofluoric acid), organic acid (formic acid propionic acid butyric acid), alkali and hydroxide (sodium hydroxide hydroxide hydroxide ammonium hydroxide), salt (Liquid bromide), industrial liquids (detergent bleach), oleic acid, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, esters, alkanes, and benzenes (ammonium sulfate ammonium nitrate sodium sulfate sodium nitrate), inorganic compounds It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, aluminum foil, acid, coating, nonferrous metals and other industries and flammable and explosive, volatile, toxic, organic solvents and precious liquid delivery.

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