fifa coins for sale :but the Chinese player's run than gold does not work with international football star.

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Hao Haidong recently as guests when attending a domestic Cup-related features of the Web site, Chinese players again scream the problem of excessively low wages,fifa coins for sale but the audience snickered. Conditions, the League system and competition level determines the player's income. And another gold for China compared to the winning project, Chinese players ' incomes are not low, but the Chinese player's run than gold does not work with international football star.

However, due to limited economic strength, hayewaliya can provide 1200 pound weekly wage for Suarez only, while 24,000 pounds as loan fees paid to Liverpool when in an interview with the Sport Plus daily in Kosovo, Chairman of the hayewaliya pakeli shows the written document bearing the Club looked up, and said it would issue the loan to Liverpool. "Because we were not a member of FIFA, so I think he could play in Kosovo, we have prepared a document sent to Liverpool," pakeli said, "our offer is € 30,000 monthly salary of 1500 euros, I know it's for players like Suarez, very little of it, but this is the maximum we can afford. Visit us if Luis is willing to play, then he will receive a warm welcome.

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