Due to the lack of high-level support

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http://www.fifafactory.com "Muttered quiet uncomfortable, he was not willing to share first place in the scoring charts and Zlatan Ibrahimovic seats, no, must work harder to score, Ibrahimovic stepped down. Buddy said he would let the guy can't see the taillights of the car this time, Ronaldo said with a smirk, "calling Zlatan Ibrahimovic to score two, and you'll be stepping on any longer. ”。

Due to the lack of high-level support in China, Zhang Jilong amid calls for extreme cases give up running for AFC President's Office. However, Zhang Jilong was based on their years of accumulated contacts in the AFC and FIFA, succeeded to win the post of FIFA Executive Committee Zhang Jilong graduated from Beijing second foreign language Institute into the international division of the National Sports Commission to engage in Foreign Affairs, and in 1978 was in charge of football Affairs, and the Chinese football. Zhang Jilong to football soon showed great personal capacities in the fields of Foreign Affairs, in 1989 into the AFC as a member of the Rules Committee, in 1994 into the FIFA Women Committee, 1996 by-election as AFC Vice President, during which he was Vice Chairman of the competition Committee.

Brazil legend Romario spoke at social media also said Mandela's fight for segregation in Africa, humanity courses common names and with a wonderful history. Brazil team's star player Cristiano Ronaldo but also in social media expressed their sincere gratitude to the latter for the Nelson Mandela changed the world, and to wish Nelson Mandela to rest. Also commemorate Mandela's football star on social media and world footballer of the year Ronaldo.

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