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fifa 14 coins for sale
:The World Cup Series 3

In 1938, FIFA decided to honor the exploits of President Jules Rimet Trophy from his native France hosting the World Cup, angering to win the right to host Argentina, and Uruguay joined exit, only Brazil on behalf of the South American play. In Europe, the clouds of war, Austria was Germany annexed Spain beset by civil wars, United Kingdom continued absence,fifa 14 coins for sale eventually from 15 countries take part in the match, before the last World Cup in the tumult of World War II opened the traditional big two Uruguay, and Argentina quits after a new power attracted the attention of people from South America, Brazil began to rise in world football. At the two previous World Cup, Brazil teams worse, in 1930, the Panel does not qualify, in 1938 did not reach the second round, but this contest, they bring a shock in world football. Opener Poland, Brazil to 6:5 won, striker Leonidas a people alone in the four Yuan, then they and through plus game eliminated has last runner-up Czechoslovakia (1:1, and 2:1), game-zone.co.uk time, Brazil wave swept World Cup, they of technology flow kicked method conquered has audience, at Paris race of one France reporter had such described Brazil team: "I just see has they of game, days which! They are five-legged Monster?!

Brazil shocked the football world, but also to the 1938 World Cup leaving a lead to 6:5 of the classic battle. In the first round of Brazil on the Poland match, from the 18th minute until the 118th minute (in overtime), 11 goals between plum and bamboo-like arrival. , 1:1, 1:0, 3:3, 4:3, 4:4, 6:4, 6:5 ... ... Brazil has always been a step ahead, Poland is followed step by step, after 2 hours of fierce fighting, Brazil had the last laugh.

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