Earth Shang has half of population was its infection

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http://www.fifafactory.com Because football is not only the game win or lose, players good or bad. It also includes political, economic, cultural and social. Football, a war without gun smoke, not just on the field.

Women become more enthusiastic, outgoing and caring, men infected will become clumsy and dull. And regardless of men and women infection Hou are more easy has guilt sense and not security, or sentimental good impulse, has has evidence will bow insect and schizophrenia contact up bow insect belongs to native bio territories top complex croquet insect outline ball insect accounts meat spores insect section, is cell within parasites, currently Earth Shang has half of population was its infection, but due to national geographical different and has is big of differences, to China, and Korea for representative of Asia infection only 3% 7%, and French infection chances is up to 80%, Spain, and Italy also reached 50% Infection rates above. In Brazil, two-thirds women of childbearing age have been infected, while in the United States, this figure is one-eighth we think of France, Italy, and Spain in the World Cup's overall record, and then think about Brazil girls wild Samba style ... ... Does humanity really is little vermin control it?.

Yesterday at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the Chinese had in hotel for night race, but received notification from FIFA postponed the match. Coaching staff in a hotel conference room, immediately convene a meeting of the players of the Chinese team, announced the decision after the meeting of FIFA postponed the match, China coach Marika Domanski said in an interview: "FIFA's decision was somewhat late for us. We have today has been actively preparing for the night game.

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