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User Center near Tian Qing Kang wing meetings one after another, but he chose was purchased on a <a href="http://www.fifa-gaming.com">sell fifa coins</a> weekend to visit a Sony 46 inch BRAVIA TV customers. At noon, the client just ate "very delicious" lunches, the management of tens of thousands of employees the President wears a regret to reporters: "I think they will probably ask me to eat pork, but they did not ask me to eat. "Nagata attempts to pass the practice to communicate Sony's" user-centric "philosophy.

Reporters interviewed Ms Fisher, spokesman for FIFA in Rio de Janeiro. Reporter tells her that despite the lapse of time, but Brazil still raised hundreds of millions of Chinese fans watching the World Cup fever, Chinese fans long for China to host the World Cup. Fisher happy to said, FIFA welcomes China bid World Cup, on like welcomes other any a national bid World Cup as Dang reporter with she mentioned recently spread of China intends to bid 2026 World Cup of news Shi, Fisher said, she currently also cannot confirmed the news of accuracy, but can determines of is, FIFA next year only will started 2026 World Cup of bid program actually, early in last century 890 generation, China FA on had discussion had bid World Cup of possibilities.

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