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Wide of Brigade organization of "games letter missions", due to its participation level wide, http://www.fifa-gaming.com and time span long, and covered range wide, and activities content more, for propaganda Asia shipped and propaganda Guangzhou State Xia has played, reflected has tourism and large sports events activities of perfect combines wide of Brigade organization of Asia shipped letter missions activities get has social public and news media of widely praised, to domestic tourism territories left has many thinking and marketing revelation. According to the survey, 98.7% travel to participate in broader Asian Games volunteer messengers of the tourist said at the time of travel, dedicated to promote propaganda of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, many messengers of the Asian Games are also prepared to show and give local people such as Canton porcelain and Canton embroidery with Lingnan features souvenirs. 81% Messenger Messenger repeated participation in the Asian Games event of the Asian Games, propaganda games to different places to publicize Guangzhou case eight: beautiful round, 0 eloped taking 100,000 yuan Fund.

Days hotel is a high-class hotel, when I walked into the private dining room, the students are here. Still not firmly secured, a piece of card on the fly, not the General Manager is to take long, even grade flick before grassing also became a Director of the police station. Looking dazzling on the service side dishes, I lamented the fact that his vanity, light table would have been sufficient to cover three months of income.

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