While technology cannot replace human brains

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http://www.fifafactory.com While technology cannot replace human brains, cannot completely eliminate manipulated, but experience has shown that on the tennis and basketball courts, the technological means can indeed help people reduce miscalculation and reduce the possibility of manipulation. Therefore, on the issue of the introduction of high technology, if FIFA insists on adherence to the "rule of man" authority, cannot stop the people punish speculation, is not out of some kind of selfishness, in order to facilitate manipulating football charms, certainly is not miscarriage of Justice. Football's greatest charm, is under a uniform set of rules, people from different countries, irrespective of the positions, whether rich or poor, strong or weak, are fairly competitive, depends on the strength, perseverance and trying to earn respect.

First, the final two rounds there are too many "uncontrollable" factors, and involves the relegation, the AFC, England's Football Association to play fair but also used his quick wits. Second, the Chinese Football Association Super League is hosting Association, "as the host Association, the Chinese Football Association has the right to modify the League bylaws, rules, and break for 30 minutes in full compliance with the provisions of the Chinese Football Association Premier League regulations. ”。

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