Ronaldo comments into the top ten of the world soccer award

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http://www.fifafactory.com Network news in the South for nearly two days, world football AC Milan announced and is the most surprising news in the Brazil striker Rivaldo early termination. Rivaldo is recognized worldwide as a super striker, in his career, the exotic Brazil who created the brilliant achievements of countless ordinary people is difficult to hope and back; AC Milan to give up such a good player, obviously not entirely for football reasons. Rivaldo has experienced since his debut the following profiles.

However, Luo, fans say, Ronaldo's move to Real Madrid General transfer ears to die never. Ronaldo comments into the top ten of the world soccer award, ranked first, dozens of. The move was considered the top ten other semantic transfer, cause such effects, would dare say just plain move, don't face.

Because it was claimed in early June FIFA Brazil World Cup's commercial work has made significant achievements, will be issued 209 Members Association $ 750,000 in bonuses. It is understood that this amount has been filed issued thanks to the China Football Association was one of the first associations to submit Award application form, so that already obtained the first issuance of the $ 250,000 bonus. It is understood that this lump-sum bonuses of 15% must be used for the construction of women's soccer FIFA Brazil World Cup profit of $ 4.5 billion.

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