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Morning + evening paper a dime a day since last month, estimated that sports journalists around the world to write du gag writing, but "little flea" apparently didn't think to let reporters, refresh all the data again and again. Yesterday morning in Barcelona 3:1 in the match against Real Zaragoza,cheap fifa coins Messi scored two goals, and sending out 1 assists, his 33 matches in the 2012 calendar year in the Spanish League, he scored 50 goals, creating unprecedented record of La Liga. In fact, Messi 37 participating in two thousand eleven-twelveths season in La Liga, scoring 50 goals, is more appalling record of the history of La Liga Lionel Messi approximation "record".

Although millions of dollars of taxes is not a big problem for the stars, but that will have its distractions. Starting lineup played on the national team's World Cup journey is essential, erupted when the tax scandal, Spain coach Vicente del Bosque's inner anxieties can be imagined in world football has two "truths", first star married to a spice girl, two stars to tax evasion. If you say one more gene selection, natural phenomenon, then the latter is emerging social phenomenon with the stage of economic development.

Impact the surrounding reality, you may find that you simply can not find the path to the future, although your heart is unwilling to give up. Well, shouldn't complain, the more, the more sense of the construction of some, again look at our neighbors, say others in control. Korea soccer in Asia would have been to move ahead, including 1983 founded the Korea Super League, although did not dare to call it professional League, but all his geese are swans as Korea football one of the stronger starting point.

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