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It is understood that FIFA General Secretary Jerome valcke and the Chief Legal Officer maerkeweilige will make an appointment with the mysterious informer. fifa coins for sale Blatter while pointed out that, he also is looks forward to by British foot total established of independent survey Committee as soon as possible to they proof, after all FIFA Congress 11 days zhihou will held zhiqian, Shi any British foot total President and England bid 2018 World Cup Organizing Committee President of Triesman Jazz big burst slammed material, claimed four bit FIFA Executive--Trinidad and Tobago of Jack Warriner, and Thailand of after finishing one, and Brazil of special Sierra and Paraguay of Leos are had to he begging for cash and benefits, In order to get their vote if Qatar bribery case sufficient evidence whether the FIFA will vote for the host country? Blatter declined to give a clear response, he just stressed that FIFA have to go step by step, the first thing to do is make a careful study of the evidence, "we will have to see proof before intervening. We need to know whether the allegation is true or that could not be confirmed, and if it cannot be proved, then the case will come to an end.

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