All of these initiatives and reform have a natural counterpart

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Most colleges in the US require SAT or ACT scores Geoff Cameron World Cup Jersey , but there are still a few that are "test optional," meaning you don't have to submit it if you don't want to. It depends on what college you are applying to. If you are applying to colleges in the U.S, then it is preferable that you give a SAT atleast once. But there are some colleges that do not demand any of the above. So lookup on the colleges you are applying to and see whether they require any of the above test scores. If yes, you should give it.

The ACT is “more popular.”

Well, at least you could argue that given recent reported numbers (at least the most recent numbers I’ve been able to find).

Reported as recently as 2015, the ACT had 1 Fabian Johnson World Cup Jersey ,924,436* takers vs. the SAT which had approximately 1,700,000** test takers.

Traditionally, the SAT before 2011 was “more popular” or at least taken more than the ACT, but starting in that year Ethan Horvath World Cup Jersey , the latter exam took over and has grown to this gap of over 200,000 students.

However, collegesadmissions teams are happy to accept both.

I think you’re aiming for an answer by the Admissions officers who will never speak publicly about their preferences. You can look for verbiage on admissions pages per college, but you will see in the language for almost EVERY SINGLE UNIVERSITY which requires either exam that EITHER exam is fine.

--------- by Brandon Na

At this point, virtually all colleges accept both and don't look more favorably at either one.

The difference in popularity tends to be more about student geography. Students (and schools) on the Coasts have traditionally taken the SAT. Students in the Midwest have traditionally taken the ACT. All of that is changing rapidly. According to some students, colleges do not prefer one over the other. Every reputable school accepts either in the US. Take them both. Some scientifically minded students find they do better with the ACT.

1. SAT Mathematics is more easier than ACT.
2.ACT has science section but SAT doesn't.
3. SAT writing section is compulsory but ACT writing is optional
4. SAT focuses more on vocabulary but ACT doesn't.
So Analyze your stengths and weaknesses by yourself and choose wisely.

The advantage of the ACT is that many schools will waive the subject SAT Eric Lichaj World Cup Jersey , if you submit the ACT. However, colleges of engineering will generally want a subject SAT (Math and Physics) regardless.

This depends on a few criteria - in Michigan, the state has switched from the ACT to the SAT as their required junior year state test, so it only makes sense to focus on the SAT only. --- by Amy Lesemann.

The difference between the two tests is in the way they test their materials. The universities won't be rejecting you based on the fact that you gave SAT and not ACT. It depends on you really. They test similar things, and are both about the same length in time. They are also both accepted by all schools, although not all require them. Try taking a practice test for both Edgar Castillo World Cup Jersey , and see which you score better on.

By Rachel Jakes, although colleges seem to use them as equivalent, the SAT and ACT have very different styles. SAT is designed to measure aptitude, whereas the ACT measures knowledge. That said, many students will be better at one than the other.

Personally, I think the ACT is easier. I understand the concern for wasting money DeAndre Yedlin World Cup Jersey , but as previous answers have said, sometimes there's a cap to how high you can score on a particular test.

My advice is to prepare like nobody's business for the ACT, enough so you feel like you have equal expertise in the ACT and SAT, even though you've only taken the SAT for real. Then, give the ACT a whirl; you may be pleasantly surprised.
DAVOS, Switzerland Dax McCarty World Cup Jersey , Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- France and Germany on Wednesday unanimously defended their collective stance on making a stronger Europe, amid fears that more idea divisions would emerge between the two sides of the Atlantic as U.S. President Donald Trump is set to make his Davos debut.

"France is back. France is back at the core of Europe, because we will never have any French success without a European success," said French President Emannual Macron in a keynote speech during this years' World Economic Forum.

"All of these initiatives and reform have a natural counterpart which is European strategy," he said, calling for more "ambition" in the European Union (EU).

"Those who don't want to move forwards should not block the most ambitious in the room David Bingham World Cup Jersey ," he added.

The "EU should find its role in a globalized world and put social cohesion above an often-observed obsession with growth," he noted, urging a 10-year strategy of EU listing common objectives in the fields of environment, energy, social cohesion and defense.

France and Germany have traditionally been regarded as the driving force behind the European integration, but the Brexit spillovers and the rising far-rights on the continent have cast shadows on their efforts to some extent.

Echoing Macron in her speech Wednesday Darlington Nagbe World Cup Jersey , German Chancellor Angela Merkel also talked about her vision for Europe's future, saying that the EU "needs to take more responsibility, we need to take our destiny into our own hands."

"Multilateralism is under threat and have we actually learned the lessons of history? We haven't really," she said, urging closer cooperation in the EU to solve problems in Europe.

Specifically, Merkel called for more actions on digitalization rather than "debating philosophical issues" Danny Williams World Cup Jersey , saying that it was too slow in EU to decide how to deal with big data, which has made Europe lag behind.

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