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SINA sports news Beijing time on January 6, the AFC elections Conference in Sheraton Hotel, AFC members elected by FIFA Vice-President and FIFA Executive Member, AFC Vice President candidate. In just ended of FIFA Deputy President campaign in the, Jordan Prince Ali. Hussein beat Zheng mengzhun elected FIFA Deputy President in HA Mann no suspense to re-election Asia AFC President a vocational zhihou,fut 15 coins Assembly started has FIFA Deputy President of campaign, competition this posts of is Korea people Zheng mengzhun and Jordan Prince Ali. Hussein after tension of voting zhihou, Ali Prince to 25 20 of votes number beat Zheng Meng associate. In this way, Jordan Prince Ali. Hussein, FIFA Vice-President-elect.

Does the breath, and raised his legs and went in. He actually also is some tension, as a Huaxia people, for initial met can to other left good impression, this is is value of, more alone he is see of is he of boss, is team of helm people, himself will in he men at least effectiveness three years, this is not a short time, he natural wants to other can gives he enough of attention Hoffenheim of coach Ralph. rangnick is a elegance of middle-aged, looks rather handsome delicate, Westerners unique of high was nose, above with hanging with a Deputy Phnom Penh glasses.

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