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FIFA has been for so many years is this: dealing with Latin American Nations a strong compelling,cheapest fifa coins meet UEFA and United States guy just settling. Many people remember the G14 Club challenged UEFA in support of Blatter, derailing them from FIFA hired international compensation; United States guy it even talk about the World Cup TV rights sold wherever sky-high, only in the United States is made up of major League Soccer to pay, and white to the TV station, it was embarrassing to the extreme by FIFA. Standing on the height of the political struggle, Blatter needs forces of Latin America to counterbalance the European governing body UEFA, also disintegrated, picked off UEFA's Member States.

In 2006, Germany after the World Cup, CINNIC survey research institutions said in front of a live, there are more than 60% viewers prefer TV; but in the replay, on demand, there are more than 60% people prefer to watch video-on-demand services over the network. Because of network-on-demand self, you can choose according to their time and via a TV replay, can only be based on timing of passive waiting, however, Germany World Cup period of time generally at 2 o'clock in the morning at 4 o'clock Beijing time, stick to people who can't stay up late, will naturally choose daytime reruns and video on demand. And the South Africa World Cup period extremely suitable for China's live TV there is no comparison because the current session South Africa World Cup time is more suitable for Chinese television, rather than live, so they tend to think that South Africa's new media broadcasting rights to the World Cup might as well demand the right key

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