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FUZHOU Frank Ragnow Lions Jersey , China, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Comparing with a Chinese Youth Games medal, 17-year-old Zhang Yufei, a Rio Olympic medal hope for China after taking 200m butterfly bronze at the Kazan worlds, seemed worrying more about her height.

"I am over 1.75 meters now, and I don't want to be any taller," said Zhang on Wednesday, stretching her legs on the mat beside the swimming pool.

China has had advantages in the event since Liu Zige won the title at the 2008 Beijing Games. Jiao Liuyang also won an Olympic gold at the 2012 London Games. At the 2013 Barcelona worlds, when Jiao was not in form, Liu came out to win the title.

Jiao has left the pool due to illness since early 2015, while Liu was struggling for form and failed to qualify for the Kazan worlds.

Without the two diving queens, Zhang's bronze brought new hope for Chinese swimming.

Zhang trained under Jiao's coach Liu Haitao, who had also been a swimmer.

"It is less than a year since Zhang trained with me," said the coach. "She made big improvement during these days. She is in good age and has space to improve more."

Liu said he had noticed Zhang almost four years ago.

"When I first saw her, she was with team Jiangsu, and I thought she was good. But due to some communication problems, she came to my group till last year," said Liu.

Talking about the next butterfly queen, Liu said Zhang still has a long way to be in same league with Jiao or Liu.

"She need to better her technique, especially in the fly," Liu said. "The girl showed some potential in dealing with pressure at the Kazan worlds, and I think she has the basic qualities of a excellent athlete."

Zhang started swimming at an age of three. "My parents had been professional swimmers. When they had training, they just let me playing in the pool," said the girl.

Zhang enjoyed the Youth Games in Fuzhou. "I am quite relaxed," she said. "My aim here is to keep form. I didn't train well since the Kazan worlds."

Like a lot of young girls at her age, Zhang like watching TV series and doing cross stitch.

"Cross stitch is fun," she said. "It takes time but I like it."

The Chinese Youth Games, which is underway in South China's Fuzhou city, runs from Oct. 18 to 27.

Appliance repair is not quite a favorite concept as it once had been. Back within the day, the cost to repair a refrigerator is regarded as more useful that replacing and buying a fresh refrigerator. Certain appliance parts are an easy task to come through and numerous appliance repair service are usually indeed getting plenty of customers that needed to repair their particular appliances. But because of commercialism and the growth in productivity as well as mass manufacturing, appliances have become very affordable that it might be more practical to purchase a brand new appliance which to waste your time looking for that appropriate appliance repair service.

Is that practical to repair an product?
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? If the expense of repair is a lot of - Replace. Most of the time, the expense of equipment repair and also certain appliance parts may be more than you can handle, especially when the appliance you need to repair can be an outdated design with appliance parts which can be really difficult to find and will be therefore going to are expensive. If an individual thing you could get a cheaper appliance that can definitely replace the present one you might be using with out the quality suffer, then it is better to substitute your equipment that opt for a repair. It is essential to note that even though you do find a way to get the broken product repaired, there can come a time when it will likely be completely past repair. Everything will get old as well as worn down, and if you have the budget to replace your appliance, then it might be high time which you do.

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? If the applying you are employing is as well old - Replace. There can be a difference among being practical and getting stubborn, and if you are still waiting on hold to in which 20 yr old equipment of yours and still getting this repaired as well as replaced instead of buying a new one, then you might be either getting too sentimental or as well penurious. It is definitely alright being practical and also thrifty, but conserving up at the price of convenience and also efficiency certainly outweighs all of the savings which you might get from choosing product repair instead of replacing the appliance straight up.

? If the grade of the appliance you have is better than the completely new ones - Repair. Although mass production provides definitely helped the planet by providing plenty of products being assembled and distributed around every household's ease, the quality of several products and also appliances possess completely.

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