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World Cup rules, fut 15 coins the referee penalized "relaxation" and "the bear" is perhaps the only areas for human intervention, since the history of the World Cup, there is little game was questioned after the game and change the verdict. At the World Cup, referees have been under constant dispute and doubt about the topic, the first World Cup, France Argentina game was that the referee in the France striker was about to shoot when I blew the whistle the game is over, and in this case, six minutes from the end of the race. If means of Mussolini's fascist control of two world cups, Italy one trophy on two occasions, the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup, is to let Italy's own experience is the refs "black whistle" in taste.

Result Germany team won the best start in 36 years to qualify, with Costa Rica and Poland game was one-sided, outlet of Ecuador in case snow accumulation of five main force against Germany, and Germany team three straight WINS. Not can underestimate this three war victory of meaning, important of thing is, Germany team lineup in three field game in the fixed, striker began found confidence, Podolski can in and Sweden team of game in the scored twice, may also to thanks he in Ecuador body made of scored brings of confidence but group and one-eighth opponents of weak is let Germany team in one-fourth game in the in the encountered has powerful of Argentina, this seems to surprised Germans of surprise. Since long before the group, Argentina is not promising, but the surprise is Argentina group show exceptional, has become one of the Championship favourites, met early in the one-fourth final, apparently a cut-throat battle.

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