News Daily: Amazon tax bill falls and Zimbabwe result

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The affairs of Amazon, Google and Apple have long been under scrutiny as countries struggle to adapt tax codes written for a different era to the age of the technology multinational. Amazon's critics accuse it of aggressive tax avoidance - staying within the law but stretching it to its limits - but a company spokesman insisted it paid all the tax it was required to "in the UK and every country where we operate".

Amazon's UK sales hit nearly £2bn in 2017, but that's not what matters - companies only have to pay corporation tax on any profits they declare in the UK rather than the value of their sales here. As for why its tax bill is actually falling, much of the explanation for that comes down to the way it pays staff, as the BBC's business editor Simon Jack explains.

'The crocodile' takes victory
Zimbabwe's presidential election result has finally been declared and the incumbent, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has won the disputed vote, narrowly avoiding a run-off with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa. The opposition, the MDC, say it was rigged, but the country's electoral commission says there was "absolutely no skulduggery". Apple Helping Number

The president-elect - known as "the crocodile" for his political cunning - called the result "a new beginning" for Zimbabwe. In reality, though, his victory continues the decades-long reign of Zanu-PF - the party of long-time leader Robert Mugabe, who was ousted last year. Mugabe's repressive rule left Zimbabwe an international pariah, but as the BBC's Pumza Fihlani explains, there remains a lot of loyalty to Zanu-PF in rural areas in particular. Young people and the urban poor had though, in the main, been rooting for Mr Chamisa, and things turned nasty in the capital, Harare, when it became clear their hopes had been dashed.

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