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Children?s Clothes Then And Now

As the father of two young children and as a husband of a wife who loves to shop for children's clothes Wholesale Pittsburgh Pirates Jerseys , I often find myself comparing the clothes my kids where to the clothes I used to where when I was their age. Growing up in the late 70?s and early 80?s I often find it somewhat comical when I make these comparisons. Style not withstanding, cost and brand themselves are nothing like they once where.

It really wasn?t until our youngest was born a couple of years ago that I began to find myself thinking of what I used to wear, especially since my wife starting digging up old baby pictures of the both of us. I generally find the comparisons humorous especially when dealing with baby clothes but even the normal everyday play wear of children in my day would be considered tacky by the standards of twenty years ago.

When my wife starting bringing home baby clothes for our youngest, I immediately thought of the horrible 70?s nosies my parents put me in. While looking at my own baby pictures I noticed that my parents put me in things that where bright and multi-colored. The nosies in particular where fashioned after the jersey?s that everyone seemed to be wearing in those days. The chest was one color Cheap Pittsburgh Pirates Jerseys , while the sleeves where another color. To be perfectly honest I didn?t find one picture of myself in anything fashionable even by 70?s standards which continue to reverberate in my mind whenever I look at the children?s clothes we bring home.

With our oldest who is a boy I find myself laughing when I think of how his jeans differ from mine. When I was six years old my jeans where bell bottoms, corduroy, and I wore Tough skins exclusively! In those days nothing beat a good pair of jeans with huge patches over the knees. Every cool kid had a few pairs of Tough skins to sport on the playground. These days my son only wears Levis and pitches quite the fit should we suggest he try and where something different.

I think perhaps the biggest difference in childrens clothes then and now is the shorts. Even adult shorts have changed so much that the shorts of yesteryear have gone far beyond the ?tacky? barrier. My son and even my youngest enjoy wearing things like Dickie's and what not however in the late 70?s I remember wearing disco shorts to school along with some variant of a multi-colored shirt. Why our shorts where so short I?ll never know but perhaps they where short so that us kids could pull up our stripped socks as high as we could!

I?ve always been a fairly fashion conscience person throughout my whole life and while I know that styles come and go with time it really blows my mind to see just how much things have changed when it comes to baby clothes and even children's clothes. I once laughed at the clothes my father wore when I was as young as my kids and I?m sure they do the same now though I?m one of the jeans and t-shirt dads. I guess fashion is actually just a sense of age and time.

Written By Scott Jarvis

In the embroidery and screen printing market, especially in Burlington Wholesale Pirates Jerseys , NC, classic tee shirts, polos, dress shirts Cheap Pirates Jerseys , sweatshirts and caps have been a mainstay for years. These stand-bys are getting creative twists introduced to them as suppliers regularly extend their apparel offerings with fun new cuts, colors, designs, fabrics and designing methods.

The creation of moisture wicking clothing brought considerable change to the sportswear business Wholesale Jeff Locke Jersey , providing companies a reliable, comfortable and appealing performance piece that can be embroidered or screen printed with their logo.

Consumers consider moisture wicking t-shirts and polos to be considerably more comfortable in hotter weather than conventional 100 % cotton shirts. The key advantage is that wicking garments help perspiration dry rapidly, and this makes your skin cool and dry. And in much cooler weather, wicking turtlenecks and sweatshirts are a favorite because of the fact they help keep skin dry so you stay warmer.

Tee shirts and polos manufactured with moisture wicking polyester consistently maintain their size and shape and color far longer than standard 100 % cotton styles. People in most cases find that using these garments for embroidery and screen printing saves them money in the end since they do not have to replace them as often.

The usage of cotton shirts is still very high Wholesale Francisco Liriano Jersey , though, as 100% cotton tees and polos remain the biggest sellers. Superior grade cotton garments cost somewhat less than some newer options- even with the rise in cotton costs through the last year- and they hold up significantly better and for a longer time than low cost fabrics.

Some of the more recent fabrics now offered in the screen printing and embroidery sportswear world that are extremely popular with younger individuals include burnout, eco-friendly, recyclable Wholesale Mark Melancon Jersey , organic, tri-blend and compression. Burnout has recaptured popularity in recent times in a multitude of fabric styles including those used to produce casual wear. Eco-friendly, organic and recyclable fabrics are ones made from plants using environmentally safe measures andor using no chemicals, and those that are made from recycled components or are recyclable.

For tees Wholesale Neftali Feliz Jersey , many people are insisting on more fitted styles, as confirmed by inquiries for softer, slimmer cotton tees without having the traditional boxy cut of unisex shirts. Producers are responding to the demands of businesses who want their screen printed or embroidered staff shirts to look like the trendy styles they see in retail shops. Many woven and knit garments are made of new easy-care fabrics, which necessitate significantly less effort to sustain color and shape.

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