buy fifa coins xbox:Brazil sent condolences, President hailing neymar great fighter figure

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Brazil sent condolences, President hailing neymar great fighter figure

"Dear player, when I and Brazil have seen the pain while you were injured in crash at kasitelao yesterday, our hearts are broken. But we all saw is a great champion of infinite power, buy fifa coins xbox despite the injuries, but the fighter never let yourself quit. ”

"The great fighter might have briefly left the game, but he has been in the Selecao in the battle for victory has left an indelible imprint. ”

"I know,mmoxt.com and as each Brazil people know it, you'll never give up. You'll be back at a rate beyond our imagination, and inspires us to make the Arc de Triomphe, and create history. ”

"I hope God gives you the strength and bless you always. --Brazil, President of the Federal Republic, Dilma rousseff. ”

As early as in Brazil and Colombia after the game was over, President rousseff will for the first time by a personal Twitter page to the wounded player on the blessings, "and all Brazil people, heroes I am very worried about the team's injuries. ”

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