FIFA World Cup mascot gift suppliers

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Wei light group established Yu 1992, is a set design,http://www.fifafactory.com and production, and sales Yu one of global gift service leading who, business throughout global multiple national and area, has more article currently world Shang most advanced of metal manufacturing line and the large machine equipment, in 12 big production district, and 6 big process of processing line for production, processing from world around of production orders, average per month total reached 8 million to 12 million pieces Li Zheyu introduced, Wei Guang participation since 1994 United States World Cup goods got out of hand after development, including Football Cup in 1994 and 1996 United States Atlanta Olympics, in 2000 Australia Sydney Olympic Games in 2004, Greece Athens Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and other major international sports events, can be found, "Wei light" figure of 2010 South Africa World Cup, Wei has become the gift of light exclusive global manufacturer. In 2011, the Wei first FIFA authorized, as 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup mascot gift suppliers and manufacturers in the world, "now that we have started for the next World Cup and the Olympic Games and European Championship preparations. "Li Zheyu confidently said that according to reports, the" manufacturing "Brazil World Cup gift store only four, the sales region covering Asia, North America and Oceania in at least 16 countries and regions, including China, Japan and the United States, and Australia.

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