Former Premier League referee Graham

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cheap fifa 15 coins Former Premier League referee Graham. poor's column in the daily mail said: "Ashley. Yang is a liar, and should have been suspended for 5 games, so he might stop diving to deceive the referee. His past and current Manchester United manager admitted he fell too easily, cannot condone such behavior. Saturday's referee Jon. MOSS to raise a yellow card is reasonable, because he deliberately pushing his Crystal Palace Defender dijiageer body. I can see MOSS to try to fool his angry, I understand anger method. You're glad he had cheated, but also thinks he can fool you, the players try to win by cheating and feel angry and disappointed. ”

"This time, young's performance has fooled the referee, but in other games can be successful. Players diving have other effects that would make judges feel more uncertain, is it foul to be, this may cause should be sentenced to a penalty not sentenced. But later in the match at Old Trafford, and ' smart ' won a penalty, he seems to have deliberately slowed down, letting a Crystal Palace player kicked him. It was a foul, unfortunately, prevent a possible scoring chance was a red card, but should contact the foul was outside the area, MOSS gave a penalty kick is a mistake. But it was an honest mistake, told Yang before the performances of different nature. ”

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