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A soldier walks past a cordoned-off area yesterday near the wreckage of houses destroyed in a blast at the San Pablito fireworks market in Tultepec Adoree' Jackson Jersey , outside the Mexican capital. — Reuters
The San Pablito fireworks market was especially well stocked for the holidays and bustling with hundreds of shoppers when a powerful chain-reaction explosion ripped through its stalls, killing at least 31 people and leaving dozens more badly burned.

The third such blast to ravage the market on the northern outskirts of Mexico’s capital since 2005 sent up a towering plume of smoke that was lit up by a staccato of bangs and flashes of light. Once the smoke cleared, the open-air bazaar was reduced to a stark expanse of ash, rubble and the charred metal of fireworks stands, casting a pall over the country’s Christmas season.

Mexico State health officials said about 60 people were hospitalized for injuries from Tuesday’s explosion, including for severe burns, in some cases over 90 percent of their bodies. Yesterday, 47 people remained hospitalized, among them, ten children. Authorities have not yet said what may have caused the explosions which took place in Mexico State, which rings the capital.

Mexico State chief prosecutor Alejandro Gomez said yesterday the death toll rose to 31, after several people died at local hospitals. Gomez said some of the dead were so badly burned that neither their age nor their gender could be immediately determined. He said the toll could rise because 11 people were listed as missing and some body parts were found at the scene.

A list of the nine bodies identified so far showed one of the dead included a 3-month-old baby boy and a 12-year-old girl. Gomez said a total of seven male minors were among the dead.

‘Everything exploded’

Survivor Crescencia Francisco Garcia said she was in the middle of the grid of stalls when the thunderous explosions began. She froze, reflexively looked up at the sky and then took off running through the smoke once she realized everyone was doing so. As she ran she saw people with burns and cuts, and lots of blood.

“Everything was catching fire. Everything was exploding,” Francisco said. “The stones were flying, pieces of brick, everything was flying.”

Mexico State Governor Eruviel Avila vowed that “we are going to identify who is responsible.”

Sirens wailed and a heavy scent of gunpowder lingered in the air well after the thunderous explosions at the market. The smoking, burned out shells of vehicles ringed the perimeter, and first responders and local residents wearing blue masks combed through the ash and debris. Firefighters hosed down still-smoldering hotspots.

Tultepec Mayor Armando Portuguez Fuentes said the market was especially well stocked.

“We are a few days away from Christmas, a few days away from New Year’s, and those are the days when the products made here are consumed the most,” he said.

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What starts of as something that just grabs your curiosity, can take over your life. While top casual games are fun and are played by yourself or a partner, as in chess, Social and MMORPG games have a bit of a competitive edge as you always want to have a slightly better score than your friends do, but at the same time you need your friends help in order to help your game scores. There is more to casual games and social games than just Farmville. There are sports games, gangster games, puzzle games and more. There is a social game for every kind of person out there.
Free online arcade games, or top casual games as they are called sometimes, attract a pretty wide audience of all age groups. Many say that the online game arcade industry is dead, However arcade games are still there and always will be. You just play them online. Most users have a special favourite site with thousands of games at the ready, waiting to entertain you, the kids or the grownups in the family. You can play all the arcade classics online many in flash form from the comfort of your own home. Games such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, StreetFighter II and many others all these games can be easily played online and for free. Some of these online arcade games also have a huge following, such as Angry Birds for example , raking in over $70 million dollars. It has spawned a whole merchandising empire as well. This was something only heard of for super games like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Angry Birds proves that online arcade games are here to stay.
For the more dedicated and serious gamers, we have MMORPG games,( which stands for Massive Mulltiplayer Online Role Playing Games). These games are much more complex. You select your animated persona and are transformed into that character in your own personal virtual world, along with players from around the globe. These games take learning time and most often, players stick with these games for up to six months of the year, working their way up the ladder to higher levels with every hour of play

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