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http://www.fifafactory.com Valencia was Florent Malouda put pour, this times Weber are fined has foul, but United players think Weber should again Stern points cut brand warned first half looks is Chelsea in fined Shang accounted for has big cheap, but Chelsea of fans were does not buy, because they think Weber on home team also is enough care, from opening Essien collision Evry pulled to Torres clean of shovel ball again to Florent Malouda and Rafael feet on feet, Weber are sentenced has foul, Chelsea fans think Weber on home team is not friendly, Webb fined Chelsea 11 fouls in the first half as a whole as well as for Ashley ColeYang retaliatory tackles behind fouled out in the second half, with the goal of emerging, Manchester United players and Chelsea fans did not seem to have been thinking of the referee's calls, but Webber was unwilling to do the lead, Manchester United had a second penalty is controversial. Subsection 68 minutes, Ivanovic area within leg playing didn't kicked to ball, he next to of Welbeck see Ivanovic leg stretch has out, Qian plug of when body has made fell posture, then foot to Ivanovic of leg up by, this is a is obviously of fake fell, Weber in thinking has about Hou, Ming whistle not fined fake fell but show yellow this ball and first half Cahill shovel Welbeck that Xia as, Weber station of location are is good can clearly of saw process, but first half of didn't sentenced to this ball sentenced has, How much has find balance of factors, in Weber this balance zhihou, Torres has once defensive corner Shi suspected area within handball of controversy, this ball due to no back slowed lens, specific how also on not clearly has in game Hou Chelsea upper and lower has enough of reason to suspected Weber, because in Weber Premier fined of 54 a penalty in the has 9 a to has United, proportions up to 17%, and in today Qian two a scored are is penalty Hou, United into has Premier history Shang first support continuous 4 a scored are is penalty of team (last 2 Two goals were penalty kicks 0 Stoke City). After the 3-3 draw, however, and both teams to referee Howard Webb is rather large, regardless of the Red Devils Blues was Webber, no one is the winner.

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