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What makes Filipina women so right for marriage? If you're thinking about marrying a Filipina Authentic Ian Thomas Jersey , then here are ten reasons why you should do exactly just that.

Filipinas are hospitable. When they have guests over, you can be sure that you are treated like a VIP. They take pride in their homes. For them, building a warm, safe and loving atmosphere is an important part of being a wife. The home is a symbol for them, so screaming or breaking furniture is not really a Filipina's cup of tea.

Filipinas value family. Filipinas give the utmost importance to family. The value of having a loving family has been instilled in the hearts of Filipinas growing up. The family serves as a cornerstone for them. Once committed, the Filipina would put her family first before anything - career, money, or friends. Rest assured that a Filipina will do everything to protect and keep her family together.

Filipinas are God-fearing. More than ninety percent of Filipinos are Christians or Catholics. Usually, Filipino children are brought up going to church or knowing the concept of fearing God. So, most Filipinas are definitely devoted to their religion, using God as their anchor and not money or power.

Filipinas have high regard for marriage. Whether you were married in the church or by a judge, the Filipina will always value the sanctity of marriage. In the Philippines, there is no law for divorce - just annulment or legal separation. This makes sense with a culture that gives utmost worth to matrimony and the union of two souls. Marriage to a Filipina is a life-long commitment - once she sets her heart upon marrying someone, chances are, she will be sticking to him for life. Filipinas think that marriage should not be played around with because it is a gift from God.

Filipinas are educated. Filipinos think that having a good education is as important as eating right. Filipino parents would say that they are blessed when all of their children have graduated college. Filipinas are proud of their accomplishments. Unlike other Asian societies, the Filipinos are open to females doing well in any field - business, medicine or male-dominated fields like engineering or information technology. It is common for Filipinas to juggle both being career women and being homemakers - they do quite a good job at the balancing act.

Filipinas know when to be submissive. They say Asian women are submissive. Filipina women are submissive too - but not all the time. Filipinas know their place when it comes to the household, but they won't be afraid to step up when their family needs it. Filipinas will show you their care and love openly and will provide quiet understanding to their family. Filipinas are very tactful - they know how to be composed especially during social situations. They speak politely and carefully but not without substance.

Filipinas are naturally beautiful. Most Filipinas are a mix of Spanish, Chinese, Malay and other races. The Philippines is a melting pot of different races and that makes a Filipina beautiful and unique.

If you are considering marrying one, these reasons will give you an idea about your future with a Filipina wife. If you are looking for a marriage that you can cherish forever and if you want a loyal companion in life, you'll never go wrong with marrying a Filipina.
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In our nature series this season, our African safari desk has stretched its adventurous strides to Uganda and in the next few episodes; we are going to light our campfire around informative details, news, and facts about this wonderful East African country widely known as - the home of the rare mountain gorillas.

Uganda's leading attraction is the endangered mountain gorilla, the most deeply assembled of living primates and among the most peaceable too. Staring into the pondering brown eyes of these calm giants, who share 95% of their genes with humans, is as awe-inspiring as it's exhilarating; no less so, when one comprehends that fewer than 700 people that are known survive now. The groups are divided between Bwindi National Park as well as the Virunga Mountains south west of Congo edge.

There are five habituated Gorilla troops readily available for viewing - four in Bwindi and one. The groups have been given local titles which have meanings that were quite fascinating. Eight people are permitted a total and also per group daily are taken in Bwindi, while eight people are allowed for Mgahinga.

Uganda is also home to man's closest relative, the chimpanzee, a delightful ape whose evocative pant-hoot call is a certain sound of the African rainforest. Chimpanzee communities have been habituated for tourism and the Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park. A community is also of orphaned chimps, nearly all of which were confiscated from poachers, and could be seen on Ngamba Island, which lies on Lake Victoria 45 minutes by motorboat.

Of more exhalation is monkeys in Uganda's exceptionally well representation. Kibale Forest boasts the best primate variety and density in East Africa with six or five species likely to be detected over the length of a single day walk. Elsewhere, Mgahinga National Park hosts habituated troops of the rare golden monkey, while Murchison Falls is one of the few East African strongholds for the spindly, plains-dwelling Patas monkey. The fossilized 20-million-year-old bones of Morotopithecus, the earliest-known ancestor of modern apes and humans, were unearthed in the 1960s near Moroto in Eastern Uganda, and therefore are now housed in the National Museum in Kampala.

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