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Macy's under huge pressure, a few days before the game,cheapest fifa coins the Catalan media hype Macy's back problems all the time, and Barca fans will win all hopes are pinned on Macy's body. "Massey gives us dreams, he is the only thing we can rely on the stars, Barcelona needs 11 Lionel Messi, Frank Rijkaard, take good care of the genius, don't let him have a cold. "Somewhat biased public opinion before the match," Messi gave Barca fans only dream, other players will only bring nightmares to the fans. There is no doubt that he will be FC Barcelona against Manchester United's main weapon. When Manchester United defender of tall, Messi's role no less than Manchester United's Champions League elimination last year by Kaka. ”

ETO ' o wants to with to to Messi decompression: "I believes, Messi certainly will became Maradona, and Romario and Raul as of can created history of players, but I also told he: ' kid, you don't put all of pressure are to back has, we knows, you play can let team became very strong, but, you also put responsibility and pressure to teammate were left point, such on you, and on team are has benefits. ' I hope that the match against Manchester United, little ones can enjoy and feel full freedom. ”

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