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Traveling is great fun Cheap Jeff Heath Jersey , but for every trip, the most important step occurs before you leave home. Packing for your trip is a combination of analysis and art form, and the longer that you are gone, the more important it becomes. No one expects to have the same variety of clothes and shoes on the road as they have at home, but it is often difficult to balance what you need with what you want.

Before heading out on a long trip, think about what you want to carry. If you are adamant about taking no more than what is permitted as carry-on luggage then you will pack in a different way than someone who does not mind wheeling a luggage cart around the airport. Once you have determined what types of luggage you will take, you can begin to build a packing list.

The Necessities

There are certain things that are mandatory for all trips, regardless of length. Underwear, toiletries and any electronics chargers are at the top of the list. The good thing about these items is that it does not really matter how long you will be gone, you only need a certain amount of each. Find a pocket on your luggage to pack your electronics chargers, as they will quickly sift to the bottom of your luggage and be impossible to find when you need them. Next, look at your toiletries and decide which are necessary for your trip. There are many varieties of body wash available, which can be used as both a soap and shampoo. Likewise, many types of toothpaste now have mouth washed included. Think carefully about what you really need to style your hair as well. Once you have reduced your toiletries to the essentials, package them zip lock bags, or bags specially made for toiletries. You can easily wash your underwear, and because of this, it is not necessary to pack too much.

What to Wear

Once you have your necessities out of the way; it is time to think about what you want to wear. Start with outerwear. A jacket that is both warm enough for the coldest weather you are likely to encounter, and waterproof is ideal. No matter how nice you anticipate the weather, plan for extremes, although it is impossible to plan for every possibility. Something to cover head, and clothing that will provide comfort in most extremes should be included, without taking up to much room in your luggage.

Now you are ready to get down to the essentials. What will you wear every day? It makes sense to take clothing that mixes and matches well with each other. This increases the number of outfits that you have from the same amount of clothes. It also makes sense to stay within one color scheme. Although you can add color with a variety of tops or scarves that do not take up much room, pick one neutral, such as black, brown or gray, and build from there. This not only makes it easier to mix and match outfits, it also reduces the numbers of shoes and belts that you need to pack.

How to Pack

Once you have decided on your clothes for the trip, it is time to start packing. If you take your time while you pack, you will be able to fit more clothes into your suitcase than if you just transfer clothes directly from the hanger or drawer and into your bags. One way to save room in your bags is to roll your clothes rather than fold them. Rolling your clothes allows you to fit more clothes into your baggage, reduces wrinkles, and allows you to tuck delicate items between sturdier rolls of clothes, offering them protection. Slip shoes in the bottom of the bag, so that they do not squash the rolls.

Travel Day

Regardless of how you are traveling, if it is at all possible, you should consider wearing your bulkier clothes on the day that you travel. This allows you to have the bulky items for the trip, but prevents you from having to fit them into your luggage. It is important, however, to balance the need for room in your luggage with the need for comfort while traveling. When deciding what to wear, you should also consider how you are affected by cold or warm weather. This will ensure that you have enough sweatshirts or t-shirts to stay comfortable while on vacation. The type of traveling that you are doing may influence what you wear as well. For some, the idea of going barefoot through an airport screening is gross, so wear easy to slip on and off shoes with socks underneath. For some women, the risk of being patted down is humiliating, if so, a nice wire free sport bra makes a good base layer.
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