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MOSCOW Ozzie Guillen White Sox Jersey , March 25 (Xinhua) -- After a thorough analysis of the 2015 National Security Strategy of the United States, Russian experts believed the document to be blatant anti-Russia and creating a negative image of the country, the Security Council of Russia said Wednesday.

The new U.S. National Security Strategy is primarily aimed at destabilizing and isolating Russia Nellie Fox White Sox Jersey , and was written on the basis of exceptionalism and unilateralism that only takes the U.S. global interests into account, the council said in an online statement.

In contrast to the 2010 version, the new strategy emphasized the deterrence policy against "aggression by Russia" Michael Jordan White Sox Jersey , especially considering Moscow's alleged interference in Ukraine situations, according to the statement.

Washington, alongside its allies Melky Cabrera White Sox Jersey , would most likely continue isolating Russia in the global arena and driving a wedge between Moscow and its close partners, especially reducing Russia's influence in former Soviet republics, the Council concluded.

"In relation to Russia Luke Appling White Sox Jersey , there is a high probability of the U.S. using extensively advanced means for 'color revolutions' to eliminate unwanted political regimes," the statement added.

Nearly a month ago, the Obama administration unveiled its second and final national security strategy Luis Aparicio White Sox Jersey , vowing "a dynamic presence in Central and Eastern Europe to deter further Russian aggression."

The U.S. also promised to keep the door open to greater collaboration with Russia in areas of common interests, provided that Moscow chooses "a path of peaceful cooperation that respects the sovereignty and democratic development of neighboring countries."

Also on Wednesday, several Russian senior officials joined the tune Jose Abreu White Sox Jersey , criticizing the U.S. and reiterating Russia's defensive approach.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich urged the U.S. and other NATO countries to "abandon harmful unilateral steps in the sphere of missile defense," while Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia, as President Vladimir Putin has reiterated Joe Crede White Sox Jersey , "is opposed to any escalation of tensions or the return to the Cold War standoff."

Meanwhile, chairwoman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko warned the U.S. of the dangers of possible arms supplies to Ukraine, adding that Russia would press for the full implementation of the Minsk agreements by all sides through " cooperative formats".

WASHINGTON, Dec 14 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday added three business leaders to his Strategic Policy Forum, and said he will be meeting with a panel of tech firm executives for their advice on promoting the tech industry.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi have been added to Trump's business advisory forum, which was first assembled early this month.

The forum, which previously consisted of 16 business leaders, will "share their specific experience and knowledge as the president implements his economic agenda."

Members of the forum represent some of the most prominent U.S. corporations, including Wal Mart, Boeing, Disney, General Motors and JP Morgan Chase.

In addition, Trump's transition team said Wednesday he is scheduled to meet a group of executive from the country's top technology companies, including Facebook, Apple, Google, Intel, IBM and Microsoft.

The meeting is set up to "discuss how to bring tech job back to America," Trump spokesman Jason Miller said.

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