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ZHENGZHOU, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- It is eight o'clock on a clear morning in Shifosi, a small town in central China's Henan Province. Mutuwulla Mutallip, a 53-year-old Uygur from northwest China's Xinjiang, has just arrived to his stall at the local jade fair, which is already swarming with merchants and buyers.

"We are sorting them by purity," says Mutuwulla, who is packing up his jade necklaces and bracelets alongside his wife and elder son.

Han merchants, members of the largest Chinese ethnic group, work nearby. In the Henan town and throughout its markets, it is common to see Han Chinese intermingling with Uygurs, an ethnic group who live mainly in northwest China's Xinjiang.

Shifosi, traditionally known for its jade business, is gaining a new reputation in the region for these promising scenes of ethnic unity.


"I buy raw jade from our hometown in Hotan before my son and coworkers process it," says Mutuwulla. "Then we come and sell it."

"They have the best sales here," says Liu Xia, a close friend of Mutuwulla and fellow merchant.

"They're very hospitable. We visit them without invitation and have some traditional homemade Xinjiang rice at their homes," she adds.

Mutuwulla feels the same way. "We're lucky to have met such helpful Han friends," he says. "They took our jade to other cities to sell when we first arrived and couldn't communicate much."

Mutuwulla is one of the thousands of Uygur jade merchants in Shifosi. Most come from Hotan, Xinjiang, which has a long history in the jade business. Over the past decade, more and more Uygurs have discovered the perks of trading in the Henan town.

"Jade sells a lot better here," says Mutuwulla, who makes around 80,000 yuan (11,970 U.S. dollars) a year. "I love Xinjiang, but the people and money have been driving me here for five years."

For some younger Uygurs, friendship with local Han people has played an even bigger role in their decision to head east.

"I got here eight years ago when I was only 18," says Muhpul Hulam, another jade merchant in Shifosi. "But it wasn't that difficult. The people here are very kind and open to us."

Muhpul says Han Chinese would invite him to eat Muslim-style meals at their homes. "I've got to learn Mandarin at the table," he says, laughing.

"Now we often hang out after work and even go on trips during holidays," he adds. "The town is like another hometown to me."


Policies by the local government over the years have played a key role in fostering an environment for Han and Uygurs to live and work side by side.

Language education has been one of the most important initiatives. For most Uygur merchants new to the town, language is the biggest barrier to overcome. The government sets up an office specifically to meet the needs of Uygurs, with five bilingual employees to help them. The office also offers Mandarin classes for those who need them.

"Things weren't easy at first," Mutuwulla says. "I was illiterate and didn't speak Mandarin, but 23 days of bilingual courses enabled me to speak basic Mandarin and write my name in Chinese."

"In 2015, we started offering the courses as an annual regular session," said Shi Mingzhong, an official for ethnic and religious affairs. "Uygurs' enthusiasm for learning Mandarin has grown quickly ever since."

At the jade fairs across the town, Uygur merchants can be seen talking at ease with Han buyers and merchants, whether for business or just . Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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