Detail OSRS Konar and New Creatures in Mount Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

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In the upcoming Kebos Lowlands, there will be a new Slayer Master Konar OSRS and lots of new Slayer creatures extra, like Sulphur Lizards, Wyrm, Drake, Hydra and Alchemical Hydra.rs 2007 gold

Konar & Kavalerist Hasta
The new Slayer Get better at Konar, located in Brimstone (home to the Kahlith) is accessible intended for players with 75 Battle and the tasks they designate have to be completed in a specific region. Besides, you will be awarded eighteen Slayer reward points along with each task completed as well as a chance of hitting a new world loot table for all destroys on task.

There are a couple potential rewards from the loot table, including the generic loot (a tiny increase to the profits) as well as a rare completely new drop - tradeable 1-handed Dragon hasta with the specific attack “Unleash”, which can raise the damage and accuracy of your respective attack according to the amount of Specific Attack energy used.RS 3 gold

Many new Slayer monsters
In conjunction with Konar, there will be some completely new Slayer creatures added along with the new area to wipe out them within the Mount Karuulm Slayer dungeon. And the completely new monsters include:

Sulphur Lizards: requiring 44 Slayer; assigned by Mazchna, Vannaka and also Chaeldar.
Wyrm: requiring 63 Slayer; assigned by Duradel, Nieve, Chaeldar and Konar; a very rare chance of falling the Dragon sword as well as Dragon harpoon.
Drake: needing 84 Slayer; assigned through Duradel, Nieve and Konar; having a chance to drop Drake claw & Drake teeth.
Hydra: requiring 95 Slayer; assigned by Konar; possessing a chance to drop Eye from the hydra, Fang of the hydra, Heart of the hydra plus a Hydra tail.
Alchemical Hydra: requiring 95 Slayer; given by Konar; having a possibility to drop Ferocious gloves, some sort of Hydra claw, a puppy Alchemical Hydra and other Hydra unique drops.

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