Outdoor floor maintenance knowledge

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For villas, hotels, or first-floor homes, some people choose outdoor floors. Small made up of a few about outdoor floor maintenance methods, outdoor and indoor maintenance what is the difference? Below and small weave together to see outdoor floor maintenance introduction! 1) prevent rain no matter what kind of material floor, its essence is anaerobic. If through the rain, the surface of the floor will produce discoloration and cracks and other phenomena. Over time, the life of the floor will also be shortened, so we must pay attention to prevent rain. 2) drainage of water on the surface of the floor, if we do not deal with in time, then the Can cause floor discoloration, produce water stains and crack and so on phenomenon. Service life of course will be shortened, so we should wipe in time, and keep dry.
The Co-extrusion wpc decking's maintenance is the same as this.

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