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Product Name Standard Round D600 Bmc Plastic Composite Manhole Cover
Material Composition resin fiberglass rebar
sealed single or double
lock available
Weight cover:18kg ,Base:9kg, Set:27kg
Shape&Size round or customized
Color Option according to customer's requirement
Class(Loading capability) A15 (3,400lb) to 900 (202,000lb) (BS EN 124)
Application Be widely used in Inspection wells of power,telecommunication,mobile communication,fuel

Sewer,gas pipes,gas station,chemical bases,real estates,urban arteries,high-grade highways,expressways,

freight transport piers,airports,etc.
Surface Treatment Painting, Powder coating, spraying, galvanization, chrome plating
Weight type: Applicable to urban roads and fast lanes.
normal type: Applicable to Driveway
Lightweight: Applicable to non-motor vehicle lanes, residential quarters, park squares,

factories, schools, hospitals, green belts.

Classification and coloring according to the requirements of each city project setting.

Certificates ISO,CE

Product Benefits:

1.No inherent scrap value thus reducing risk of theft

2.Moderate weight and easy installation

3.Can be used in -30℃ to 70 ℃degrees environment

4.30 years of service life

5.Tested by national security agencies. Compressive, bending and impact resistant. Heat, cold, acid, etc.

6.Corrosion resistance, meet the needs of environmental protection, and reduce the exploitation of mining resources; beautify the city, classify the coloring, and enhance the taste of the city.

Application of square bmc material frp manhole cover
a. Underground Electrical Installations: Draw pits, Traffic lights, Street lighting, Fiber optic cable ducts;
b. Telecommunications: Connection chambers, Water, Gas, Petrol-chemical installations.
c. Urban Building Solutions: Pedestrians and comparable areas, Car parking decks, Gully tops.
d. Road Construction: Road cover and the load is suit for all the road vehicles
BMC means bulk molding compound. It is made from short fiberglass, unsaturated polyester resins, fillers and other additive. The BMC manhole cover is adopted the one molding technology to produce under the high temperature condition. As our bmc manhole cover is light weight and easy to lift, it has been widely used for the roads and artery for motor vehicle traveling and parking.

It is also widely used for the manhole in the public works of pipeline, electricity, telecommunication, communication, tap water, street lamp, cable television, garden, residential district and so on.

The advantages of our BMC manhole cover:

1. High load capacity and light weight.

2. Corrosion-resistant for acid, alkali and gas, can widely used in seashore, saline, salt-fog and acid rain environment.

3. Well oxidation resistant and UV protection, will not pulverization, discoloration and cracking after long service

4. Elegant appearance and colorful surface

HONGDA IS A Manufacturer for BMC manhole cover,Drainage grating, BMC Telecom cover, SMC manhole cover in Zhejiang,China.

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