Fossil Island Areas

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Public Camp

After arriving in Fossil Island, the player will probably be just west of the Public Camp. At first, the campy will not be very useful, but participants can utilise their Design skill and some materials to construct improvements within the camp. Developing the utilities requires a sort.

In total, players will need these items to build everything: 15 oak planks, 2 flat iron bars, 25 nails, a single tinderbox, 2 logs, a few soft clay, 1 container, 2 ropes, and a few planks. The list of what you should build can be found further under in the Mini-Task List segment.

Mushroom Forest

The north-west section of the island is the Mushroom Forest. There are various activities in this article that allow players to teach a variety of skills. Players can easily slay Ancient Zygomites within a Zygomite slayer task, track down herbiboars throughout the Natrual enviroment, plant teak and mahogany trees in the three forest patches in the south-east spot, and calcify fossils inside the mycelium pool.

In addition , the particular Wyvern Cave can be found in the particular Mushroom Forest, beneath any trapdoor. The wyverns within just can only be slain when players have been assigned Fossil Island Wyverns as a slayer task.

Tar Swamp

The particular south-west section of the island has a large swamp. Travelling from the swamp requires a rake in order to vines in addition to an responsable to chop down thick vignoble. Sulliuscep mushrooms can be found through the swamp, but only one may be chopped down, forcing participants to traverse the inhospitable swamp, while avoiding intense Tar Monsters, to find the choppable sulliuscep.

In the southern ending of the swamp, players will see the Deranged archaeologist, who also fights similarly to the Ridiculous archaeologist found in the Wilds ruins. However , he is far more dangerous, as his specific attack can hit above 70.


The volcano can be found on the south-east aspect of the island. Many lung burning ash piles can be found here, together with the Volcanic Mine.


Under the waters of Fossil Isle lies a large underwater location that can be accessed by using the rowboat at the north-east corner in the Mushroom Forest - traveling out to sea with the rowboat brings the player to a tiny island with a bank chest muscles, where they can then traveling back or right click around the rowboat to enter the under the sea area.

Unlike other under the sea areas throughout the game, a tiny bar indicating the player's oxygen level will appear towards the top left of the game display when they enter the area. This specific bar will continually empty while the player remains under the sea - if it runs out there, players will drown and come back again at the surface. You can replenish your oxygen by accumulating pufferfish, which can be consumed to be able to refill your oxygen. Still if the player has a fishbowl helmet and diving device equipped, their oxygen stage will stay at 100%. The particular helmet and apparatus may be safely removed and re-equipped while underwater, and if you will have an oxygen level under 100%, it will slowly load back up once both merchandise is re-equipped.

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