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The first thing anybody shopping for a bulletproof vest or jacket (ballistic resistant clothing) is going to clash with is labels such as “Level II” and “Level IIA”. If you are not familiar with these terms Enos Slaughter Jersey , they can be confusing. So let’s simplify them.

It all starts with the NIJ (The National Institute of Justice). They are the organization that sets the standards for what is truly ballistic resistant clothing. The “Levels” are just measurements of how much every piece of clothing will resist ballistic impact. The ratings or Levels are ranked by which cartridges they are capable of resisting. Think of a BB compared to a 357 Magnum. It would not take much clothing to resist the impact of the BB. A light jacket over a shirt would probable do the work. On the other hand, resisting the 357 Magnum would take way more than a heavy winter coat.

The NIJ has established four levels for what is known as “soft body armor”. Soft body armor is simply what it implies; it is a combination of fabric that stays flexible and therefor is somewhat comfortable to wear. The a lot of common of these is the trade marked Kevlar. These levels are; Amount I, Amount IIA, Level II, and Level IIIA. In “hard armor” there are Amount III and Level IV. The almost all common materials for difficult armor are steel and ceramic. I always find it somewhat confusing that Level IIA is provided until Amount II but once you get passed that, it’s quite strait forward. Note that every higher level includes every of the guarding abilities of every of the levels below it.

Level I is the reduced rating of resistance. It will resist a .22 caliber Lead round nose bullet or a 380 ACP Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) round nose bullet. FMJ is lead wrapped in a thin layer of metal. What does this mean to you? These are relatively low velocity soft projectiles. This amount of defense was most likely efficient around the early 1900’s but is not up to today’s standards.

Amount IIA is the following level up and will resist cartridges such as 9mm. FMJ. Again, this is a quite low velocity soft bullet. What this means to you is; there are too numerous higher velocity, harder bullets out on the street presently. I would not recommend this amount of guarding.

Amount II is the first level I would recommend for today’s environment. It will resist ammo such as 357 Magnums with soft projectiles. This is the level that most police departments choose. This amount provides defense for many of the situations that should be found in today’s environment.

Amount IIIA is the highest amount of soft body armor existing. It will resist projectiles every the way up to 44 Magnum with Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP). That is; with the soft part of the bullet exposed. Just put, if you want the most defense you can get, with no strapping on heavy armor plates, this is the amount for you.

Amount III is the the first of what is termed to as “rifle” defense and are usually named “rifle plates”. This is “hard armor”. It offers resistance up to U.S. Military M 80 ammunition. This not what I would classify as “every day, wear on the street” armor. This is armor for law enforcement, military, and civilians in high threat situations.

Amount IV is as high as you can get in body armor. It is commonly done with thick ceramic plates and resists ammo up to Dragunov Sniper Firearm at 50 meters. This is serious things meant for those who function in harms way.

To review; stay away from Amount I and Level IIA. For general every day guarding for civilians and law enforcement; Amount II and Amount IIIA are the levels you should be searching for. For high threat, military, and tactical situations; Level III and Level IV are the levels that meet this requirement.

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