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LONDON Authentic Brian O'Neill Jersey , Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- YouTube, a video-sharing website, has pledged to deploy an army of 10,000 staff next year to review more online videos and delete extremist material.

Susan Wojcicki, the chief executive of YouTube which is owned by Google, wrote in the British Daily Telegraph newspaper on Tuesday Authentic Daniel Carlson Jersey , saying that "bad actors are exploring" the internet site to "mislead, manipulate, harass or even harm".

YouTube and other internet giants, including Facebook, have come under pressure over the availability of extremist material and propaganda in the wake of five terrorist attacks in Britain this year.

Wojcicki claimed that her company has already developed "computer-learning" technology that can identify videos containing extremist content.

Since June, YouTube's enforcement teams have reviewed two million videos Authentic Mike Hughes Jersey , of which 150,000 have been taken down, she said. Some 98 percent of videos that were removed were initially flagged by the "machine-learning algorithms".

Almost half were removed within two hours of upload and 70 percent within eight hours, according to her.

Those videos included posts by jihadists sympathetic to the Islamic State of Iraq, known as ISIL or IS, and other Islamic terror groups as well as by far-right extremists.

Bomb-making instructions for a device similar to the one used by Slman Abedi Jaleel Johnson Jersey , the Manchester Arena bomber, were removed from YouTube in the wake of atrocity, which killed 23 people in the suicide attack on a packed concert in May, the newspaper said.

However, unlike what has been claimed by Google, the bomb-making YouTube tutorial used by Abedi is available on Google networks again Pat Elflein Jersey , despite being deleted in the wake of the terrorist attack, according to a report by another British newspaper the Sun.

The full 30-minute clip, entitled "Explanation of How to Slaughter Disbelievers", has been shared thousands of times on Google Drive and Google Photos after being re-uploaded to the network on Nov. 22. It was still available to view on Monday night, according to British media reports.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with second hand wedding dresses, nor could there be anything embarrassing in putting on such a dress for your wedding day. Truth be told Danielle Hunter Jersey , wearing a secondhand wedding dress can be an ideal strategy for saving money for other areas of your wedding. Plus, who says you can not look lovely in a previously used dress?

It doesn’t require private eye skills to locate beautiful used wedding gowns. In all honesty, you can probably locate the right dress within about one weeks if not a whole lot sooner. All you have to do is think outside the box and search in a handful of locations you probably didn’t think of before.

The most obvious spot to look around for a pre-owned wedding gown is a female member of the family. Talk with the most women in your family and see if any of them are willing to let go of their wedding gown to help you save money on your budget. Make sure to throw in the old “could I have the honor” tagline whenever you ask them and you definitely won’t be turned down.

If there isn’t any second hand wedding gowns from family, the next smartest thing should be to check out old-fashioned shops, consignment shops, and in some cases thrift shops. Even though these places will not have a big collection of bridal dresses Eric Kendricks Jersey , it’s safe to say you will at least come across one or two dresses which hold a bit of potential.

If all else fails and you can’t find lovely second-hand wedding gowns anyplace, then merely take the renting approach. Renting a wedding dress is very inexpensive and you will get a lot more options. You will not get to keep the gown after it’s all over, but at least you will save some cash and still look amazing.

Extremely Vital Note: You shouldn’t be too picky when examining a secondhand wedding dress . Although it may not be “perfect” when you first come across it, any gown can be personalized to match your style and size by a decent seamstress.

To create dream weddings on a budget without lots of costly mistakes and painful headaches, follow the PROVEN steps to planning a wedding on a budget over at Dream-Weddings-on-a-Budget. You’ll save lots of time and a whole bunch of money!

Check your unique health insurance whether it is suitable enough, so that you can won’t have to enjoy it covered by travel insurance. You should also determine if you would like your expensive private items insured Trae Waynes Jersey , like jewelry, cameras, and so forth.

Annuity referrals ordinarily are not free. & These people take work. & The most widespread mistake I view salespersons make is usually to expect the people to refer good friends or co-workers, not any questions asked. & If here is the way you believe referrals, you will be in for an environment of hurt. & This is actually the way that I have more referrals than I know what to do with, in simple fact Laquon Treadwell Jersey , I have to give about 13 analysts away!

The mistake that some people make, is they help make the sale over a client and as they definitely are out the entranceway, they ask the litigant if they include any friends or maybe family that would wish to meet with them. & This just feels like a typical salesman, trying to bring in more revenue. & Here is what I; & Before I ACTUALLY sell anything, I tell you that With time invest my amount of time in them for not many money. & I tell them that in substitution for that small amount of cash, I am able to do the best job to save them money not to mention make their everyday living easier. & I say Ben Gedeon Jersey , “If I really do an outstanding just in helping you make a fantastic investment, do you own any friends or family that might benefit likewise I have assisted you? ” &

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