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For adults portions that are bigger are better but kids like the little stuff. Mini meals are fun and tasty. Try these ideas at your Fourth of July Party. The kids will love you for it.

Salad to go. Wash endive leaves. Fill the broad end with a teaspoon of your kid's favorite prepared salad. Wash butter lettuce leaves Brett Jones Vikings Jersey , selecting the smaller more pliable leaves. Spread out the lettuce leaf and put a tablespoon of salad on the end nearest you. Roll the leaf forward covering the salad. Tuck the ends of the leave under as if you were rolling up a burrito. Lightly fill celery stalk with cream cheese. Press dried cranberries or raisins into the cheese. Cut into child bite sized pieces. For a change use flavored cream cheese.

Child sized pizzas. Use refrigerator biscuits. Lightly flour a board. Roll each biscuit flat doubling the size of the biscuit. Place biscuits on cookie sheets. Spread with a teaspoon of tomato sauce, pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce. An alternative is to use a slice of fresh tomato. Top with mozzarella cheese. Bake as package directs.

A veggie platter and dip can be made special by using baby vegetables. Carrots, summer squash, patty pan squash Danielle Hunter Vikings Jersey , string beans, both yellow and green should be blanched by immersing in boiling water for one minute and then in immediately in an ice bath. Add snap pea pods, grape tomatoes, both red and yellow Eric Kendricks Vikings Jersey , and boiled baby potatoes.

Mini tacos are fun and easy. Use the corn chips that are made for dipping and have a bowl shape. Fill with a teaspoon of cooked taco meat, a bit of refried beans and top with shredded cheese. Bake until the cheese just melts.

Usually the challenge with kids and desserts is to stop the kids from only eating the sweet stuff. Here are a few suggestions to carry the mini theme forward. Use small cookies like vanilla snaps or mini chocolate chips cookies. Place a tablespoon of ice cream on the flat side of one cookie and cover with the flat side of another cookie to make a sandwich then freeze in a plastic container.

Use a medium size sugar cookie, about a 3 inch diameter. Frost with vanilla pudding and top with slices of fresh strawberries for a mini strawberry tartlet. Make different varieties: Use chocolate pudding and raspberries, lemon pudding and fresh blueberries.

Jello jigglers are always a hit. How about a jigller flag? Make up three batches of jigglers Trae Waynes Vikings Jersey , one of blue, and two of red. The blue jigglers should be set in a square pan about 9 inches by 9 inches. Using a star cookie cutter, cut out star shapes and remove from the square pan. Carefully place the pan in warm water to loosen the jello from the pan. Then put the square shape with the cut out stars on a white rectangular serving plate.

The red jello should be cut into stripes and placed on the serving plate leaving white spaces between the stripes. Place the cut out stars on a separate plate.

Children will love you for making them feel special at your Fourth of July party
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More grilling tips, techniques Laquon Treadwell Vikings Jersey , recipes, and menus. Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books and loves to come up with party ideas for kids.

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The Best Thing about Wheel Alignments March 16, 2013 | Author: Fred Gagnon | Posted in Business

Constant wheel alignments are a crucial part of meticulous car maintenance. However, many car owners cannot understand the great need for good wheel alignment Ben Gedeon Vikings Jersey , and so will not have their alignment examined often enough.

Below are five factors why regular wheel alignments are best for your car, your wallet, and your assurance.

1: Significantly better fuel usage. When your wheels are aligned perfectly, it significantly reduces rolling resistance Dalvin Cook Vikings Jersey , which indicate that you car doesn’t need to work as hard or burn off as much fuel in order to go forward. This is good thing for every individual: You don’t only reduce expenses on gasoline, but you get the total satisfaction of knowing your car is a vital contributor to less carbon dioxide.

2: Additional mileage from your tires. Even the least problem with your alignment can have terrible effects on your tires. If your tires have an excessive amount of or insufficient toe-in (the amount at which they point in on to one another at the front, for instance an individual who stands pigeon-toed), a thin strip on each tire will break very fast Mike Remmers Jersey , making you need to buy new tires faster. By having recurring wheel alignments, you guarantee that your tires wear uniformly, making them be as durable as possible.

3: Tire warranties still are useful. The issue with your tires wearing from inadequate wheel alignment is it normally voids your warranty on the tires. A lot of warranties only have to do with the quality of the products. To put it differently, if the tires tire out prematurely because of something apart from bad quality Sheldon Richardson Jersey , then the manufacturer is not at fault. Not being able to get wheel alignments frequently enough is known as recklessness by the automobile’s owner and in most cases means that the warranty is voided.

4: Less deterioration of other aspects. Getting the wheels out of alignment can be nerve-racking on the other car, too. It suggests that you consistently have to put pressure on the steering system to help keep the car straight, and as you brake you often experience the car pull more significantly, implying that the brakes have to continue to work harder on one side versus the other.

5: Much better to drive. One of the best aspects of having your wheels aligned thoroughly is that your car is a lot easier to drive. No irritating pull to one side or the other. It’s faster and easier and more pleasurable to drive a car that has had constant wheel alignments.

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