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by Stephanie Parker

UNITED NATIONS Cheap Seth Jones Shirt , Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, the three hardest-hit West African countries in the Ebola crisis, need 200 million U.S. dollars to halt the Ebola outbreak, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) chief of health, Mickey Chopra, said in an interview with Xinhua.

"The Ebola outbreak is something we haven't seen before at this magnitude. It has already killed 4,000 people across the three countries of Sierra Leone Cheap Josh Anderson Jersey , Liberia and Guinea," Chopra said.

The virus was first detected in March of this year and the Ebola epidemic has claimed more than 4,400 lives. Since the first case was identified seven months ago, the "slow moving" virus has left thousands of people dead, debilitated and has raised global concern.

Chopra said, Ebola is a slow moving virus because it's difficult to contract.

"It's spread through bodily fluids (like) your sweat, vomit or diarrhea," said Chopra Cheap Nick Foligno Jersey , the medical doctor and the former director of the Health Systems Research Group of the South Africa Medical Research Council.

To become infected with the virus, a person has to touch an Ebola stricken individual's vomit, sweat or diarrhea and place it in their mouth or eyes because the skin is a good protective cover, Chopra said.

As of now,"(Ebola) is particularly hitting women and children," he said.

Women are being hit because they're the caretakers and they're at the forefront of this outbreak, he said.


"Children in particular have been exposed to sick people's vomit or (people's sweat)," Chopra said.

The latest news reveals that the majority of people contracting Ebola are women and children.

To be exact Cheap David Savard Jersey , "we know that about 25-30 percent are children," Chopra said.

He said the women and children greatly impacted by Ebola reside in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

In these nations, the communities are surrounded by inadequate and weak treatment facilities, Chopra said. More specifically, the health systems weren't ready to respond quickly to the Ebola outbreak, he said.

To increase awareness about Ebola and build up the health systems across these countries, UNICEF is requesting financial assistance.

"Most importantly we (..) need financial support. We need 200 million U.S. dollars to at least get through (the) first phase of the epidemic Cheap Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey ," he said. "So we're talking to countries, donors and people on the street."

"They can (all) do a lot to assist us and support the families and the women and children in particular," he said.

UNICEF's recent request for 200 million U.S. dollars falls in line with a broader six-month appeal for 987.8 million U.S. dollars that governments and humanitarian agencies need to fight the outbreak.

The petition for funding by UNICEF comes at the same time the United Nations committee on administrative and budgetary approved an appeal of 49.9 million U.S. dollars for the first-ever UN emergency health mission.

The health mission is called the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), the first-ever UN health emergency response mission. It will harness the capabilities and competencies of all the relevant UN actors under a unified operational structure to ensure a rapid, effective, efficient and coherent response to the crisis.

UNMEER was set up also on the ground that Ebola constitutes a threat to international peace and security.

To combat the virus, more education and advocacy on Ebola is needed, he said.


To stop the spread of Ebola Cheap Ryan Murray Jersey , education and behavioral changes about washing hands and keeping them away from your mouth and face is very important, Chopra said. This will stop the spread of the virus, he said.

In connection with this effort, the agency is working with thousands of volunteers, community workers and educators to go door to door and talk about Ebola, Chopra said.

Aside form this, the agency is working with TV stations, radio networks Cheap Sonny Milano Jersey , DJs, singers and music artists, he said.

"We're trying to look at all the different ways ... to really get the message out as to what the virus is (and) that it's real," he said. "So it's a big mobilization effort."

"Thousands of people are being mobilized ... and we're looking at survivors and working with (them)," Chopra said. "So they ... can give the message that this is not a death sentence."

"(Ebola) can be prevented," he said, adding that at present, Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone are educating people and helping children.

"In Sierra Leone Cheap Cam Atkinson Jersey , we're recruiting 2,500 survivors," he said. " If you have had the virus and survived it, you're now immune, so you ... can touch and care for children."

So using survivors is one way to overcome the barrier in caring for children, speaking to families and educating the community, he said.

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