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DAR ES SALAAM Nike Epic React Flyknit Pure Platinum Black Blue Women's , July 12 (Xinhua) -- Anti-tobacco campaigners onWednesday appealed to leaders in Tanzania to show political will inensuring that harmful use of tobacco was controlled.

The appeal was made as the east African nation planned to tablea Bill in Parliament in September aimed at controlling harmful useof tobacco.

Tanzania ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control,under the World Health Organization (WHO) but the country has notyet enacted a legislation that would control tobacco use.

Lutgard Kagaruki, the Executive Director of Tanzania TobaccoControl Forum (TTCF), said it was high time tougher laws wereenacted to counter the power of investors who make huge profitsfrom the tobacco business.

"The new legislation should ensure that harmful tobacco use iscontrolled to save people from diseases caused by smoking such ascancer Nike Epic React Flyknit Blue Women's ," the anti-tobacco campaigner told journalists in Dar esSalaam.

Kagaruki said tobacco investors were very powerful financially,adding: "They have the power to lobby, advertise andinfluence."

She said because of this there was need to have a committedleadership that would help push for a law that would eventually putthis power in check.

She said tobacco was thought to be good business that flourishedin Tanzania because of the belief that tobacco was an economicallyimportant crop and therefore putting tough control policies wouldlead to loss of revenue by the government.

"But statistics on the negative impact of tobacco use mean thatthere is need for an urgent change in the way the government looksat things," said Kagaruki.

Yussuf Saloojee Nike Epic React Flyknit Women's Grey White , former Executive Director of South Africa'sNational Council against Smoking, called for the need to raisetaxes much higher for the tobacco industry.

"There are countries such as Australia which have succeeded incontrolling the hazards caused by tobacco by raising taxes," saidSaloojee.

The passing of a tough law, coupled with hiking taxes imposed ontobacco business Nike Epic React Flyknit Women's Cargo Khaki Black Green , would force tobacco companies to raise the costof cigarettes, he said.

"This would finally influence the behavior of the end users, bydiscouraging harmful consumption-especially the youth," saidSaloojee.

Sarah Maongezi Nike Epic React Flyknit Women's Pink Red , from the Department of Non-Communicable Diseasesin the Ministry of Health, said the government was currently takingmeasures to control tobacco use, including working to ensure thebill is tabled in the coming parliament.

Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that 14.1 percent ofall people in Tanzania smoke tobacco daily risking to gettingdiseases such as cancer, diabetes Nike Epic React Flyknit Black Grey Women's , cardiovascular and chronicrespiratory complications. Enditem

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