She explained that this pursuit of a different lifestyle has little to do

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China on Thursday published the results of its first ever audit of lottery funds Cheap Nike Air Vapormax CS , revealing that 16.9 billion yuan ($2.7 billion) has been embezzled.The National Audit Office announced that 16.9 billion yuan was embezzled by various organizations and individuals between 2012 and 2014, accounting for 25.7 percent of the 65.8 billion yuan in lottery funds raised in 18 provincial-level regions over the period.

A total of 854 public welfare programs supported by lottery funds were audited. The illegal sale of lottery tickets via the Internet was pervasive in the 18 regions.

More than 4.2 billion yuan was embezzled through fake projects, illegal foreign investments or business operations, and 9 billion yuan was used for the illegitimate purchase of equipment and services, or was spent on shady off-the-book purposes.

More than 290 organizations were found to have misused 3.6 billion yuan through the construction of office buildings Cheap Nike Air Vapormax Laceless , distributing allowances to employees, buying luxury government vehicles and organizing unnecessary overseas trips.

Several officials from lottery companies' supervision departments were found to have abused their power and embezzled lottery funds or to have illegally run betting shops. The National Audit Office has submitted to the related authorities 90 cases in which officials are suspected of violating laws and regulations.

More than 20.4 billion yuan was left unused by financial departments or organizations for more than one year and 34 programs funded by lotteries were unable to operate for various reasons, which led to 268 million yuan being unused in 2014.

The authorities recovered 14.51 billion yuan of the misused money by May 31 and will publish updates when unresolved issues have been corrected.

An increase in the sale of lottery tickets in recent years has contributed to the expansion of social welfare programs.

Annie Baby Photo: Courtesy of Thinkingdom House Unprecedented Gains Photo: Courtesy of Thinkingdom House

For many people in their 20s and 30s who like literature in China, the name Annie Baby (Li Jie) is almost synonymous with decadence, melancholy Cheap Nike Air Vapormax 97 , loneliness and the isolation of youth.

However her new book Unprecedented Gains, published by Thinkingdom House, represents a more peaceful and mild side that the author seldom showed in her previous works. Along with the new book, comes her new pen name Qing Shan (celebrating mountain), making it seem like the 40-year-old writer is saying goodbye to an earlier period of her life.

Another life

Despite her fame www.airvapormax97.com , Annie Baby has been living a relatively low key life these past years, only appearing in public very rarely. Therefore it came as a surprise to many when she announced on her Sina Weibo that she was changing her pen name and later actually showed up at a press conference - a first for the solitary author -to promote her book.

The first work the author has published under the name Qing Shan, Unprecedented Gains is a book about a journey and the exploration of different lifestyles in China today.

The story covers the lives of four people: a cook who loves painting, a photographer returning to the countryside with his wife and children, a young monk who practices Tibetan Buddhism through poetry and painting Cheap Nike VaporMax 97 Shoes , and an old woman who has dedicated her life to playing the Chinese stringed instrument known as the guqin.

According to Annie Baby, the book has its origins in a trip she took during the second half of 2013. Setting off from Beijing, she traveled all across the southern part of China before turning back up to Northwest China's Gansu Province, encountering these four people along the way.

"Although their identities, ages and experiences are all different Cheap Nike VaporMax 97 Sale , these four people do have something in common: They chose a new direction for themselves and once their mind was made up they remained persistent," Annie Baby said at the press conference.

The author's book does not try to point out any specific lifestyle people should adhere to, but by telling the stories of these four people, she provides examples of people who have escaped the set pattern life had given them and began to live life as they wished.

"There are no specific suggestions or guidance in the book, but it can provide some enlightenment for people confused by busy city life Cheap Nike VaporMax 97 ," Lin Nina, the book's editor, told the Global Times.

For example, Wei Bi is a photographer who made the decision at 40 to return to his home village in Hunan Province after living in the big city for over 20 years. Now he lives the life of a farmer, planting trees and vegetables Cheap Men's Nike Air Max Axis Trainers Black White , with his mother, wife and child while also earning some extra income with his photos. "Life is short and precious, and I had become tired of city life a long time ago," Wei explains in the book.

"He made a decision, and the important thing is Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Triple White , he is sure about the decision he made is the right one," Annie Baby said.

She explained that this pursuit of a different lifestyle has little to do with success in the normal sense, "I didn't focus on their achievements while writing the book. That wasn't my angle."

Changing with time

Many regard the era of cyber literature in the mainland as starting with Taiwanese author Tsai Chih-heng, who got famous overnight with his novel The First Intimate Contact in 1998. From that moment on, cyber literature began gaining increasing amounts of attention.

During this time Cheap Nike Air Max 97 UL '17 SE Black , many pioneers of cyber literature in China such as Ning Caishen (Chen Wanning), Li Xunhuan (Lu Jinbo) and Annie Baby gradually built their fame on the Internet; until the later appearance of Mu Zi Mei and her erotic literature in 2003 ended up making cyber literature the center of controversy.

In 1998 Annie Baby hit it big with her online novel Goodbye Vivian. However, "

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