Points worth considering when going through this process include the following. One is the cle

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Cleaning panes for some people can be quite a task and this even worsened when there are so many panes to be cleaned. This process however should not be impossible especially if people know the tricks behind the cleaning. For this reason, certain strategies on the best way to clean windows exist to help such people.

People always think that cleaning panes involves simply spraying some sweet scented liquid on the window and drying it off using paper towels or dry rag. Doing this will not yield effective results. It is therefore good that people understand that a real cleaning task will require one to have; soap solution, clean water, scrubber, soft brush and squeegee.

For people who may not be having the fore mentioned items, they will be required to buy them. They should however ensure to buy items that are of quality especially when it comes to squeegees and scrubbers. This is so as to be able to use them for long periods of time. When it comes to detergents to use, not all of them can be used. One can use the normal detergent for laundry or dish washing liquid.

In many cases however, water is the only essential cleaning liquid especially if the panes are not so dirty and have dust only. But there are people who have glasses that are so dirty some even have oil or grease. Here soap solution has to be used and a lot of scrubbing will be done. However, before engaging soap solution or water, a person has to first start by preparing the pane. This is by removing loose grit, cobwebs and dirt using the soft brush.

After preparing the pane, next step is using water or soap solution to clean. For people wondering what amount of soap to use in the solution, one spoon in half filled bucket of water is enough . Care should be taken so as not to use too much detergent as this might leave streaks of the soap on the window. Vinegar, small ammonia solution and shampoo can be added to soapy mixture to improve cleaning abilities and have sparkling panes.

With the solution, one then scrubs the window with hand scrubber and then uses clean water to wash off the detergent. The process of drying is done immediately, starting from the top of the window downwards. After finishing one pane, one then moves to the other and so on until he or she finishes all the panes in a house.

Points worth considering when going through this process include the following. One is the cleaning technique where persons are required to do this from up downwards. The second is emphasis on use of detergents and agents that are environmentally friendly. Protecting the floor is also crucial and this should be done by covering using newspaper.

These strategies on the best way to clean windows gives ensures that people are at ease throughout this process. They state that individuals have to first prepare for the process by having the necessities. After which they can engage the tricks of cleaning provided. However those individuals who still do not want to clean their panes, they can always engage services maids but at a small fee.

The best way to clean windows is explained in detail on our online blog. To read all about it today, go to http:gacoatepublishing.

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