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How to Buy a Jump House Online

Inflatable jump houses Cheap Chris Bosh Jersey , also known as bounce houses or castles are building like structures made from an inflated rubber or PVC material. These houses are mainly used in kid’s festivals and fun activities, and give the children a great way to enjoy the moments. These structures can be used as temporary playing grounds for children, which include inflatable slides, jumpers, combos and indoor units among others. Most people and organizations set up these jump houses during occasions for children to have a great time, and as a way of minimizing rental costs for extra playing grounds for the kids. It is very easy to find and buy jump houses online, as all you have to do is find a store that offers great quality bounce houses.

Buying a Jump House

There are several points and factors you need to consider before buying jump houses online as discussed below.

1. Destination and capacity

This is where and how you intend to use the jump house. Bounce houses come in two packages (in destination). There are commercial bounce houses, and residential bounce houses. Commercial bounce houses are big in volume and require a large space area to set up. They can accommodate many children at the same time, and are mainly used for occasions and big parties. Residential bounce houses on the other hand are much smaller and easily affordable. These are set up during family events such as a get together, birthdays and even during Christmas for children aged over 3 years to have fun. There are both indoor and outdoor jump houses online, and all you need to do is discuss your needs with the customer care representative to help you choose the best one to use.

2. Make and material

The make and material, as well as type of a jump house should be considered when buying the jump house. One thing goes beyond saying, better quality and durable jump houses are more expensive to buy, but will give you better service. However, if you are looking for a one time offer only, you can then rent out one, or buy the affordable ones.

3. Children’s preferences

Children here have the greatest say on what they like when it comes to inflatable houses. You need to know that, even though you are the one chucking out the chums, it is the children who will play in the bounce houses. For the ultimate experience, you can ask one or two of the kids on what they prefer on the jump houses. This is where you will be able to tell on whether they want the jumpers, slides, water slides and even interactive houses to use while for playing various games. Having the children’s preferences at heart will enable you buy the right one for them.

4. Your budget

Although there are many jump houses online that you can choose from, you should not let the children’s needs and pleas make you wade away from your budget. In these online stores, you will find many affordable bouncing houses, castles and slides, though you have to stick to your budget. Buy your next commercial grade jump house online with Ultimate Jumpers.

ABIDJAN, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- In an African country that relies heavily on agriculture, there could be limited chances left for higher technical degree holders like Jacques N'goran.

The young man specialized in veterinary medicine in college in Cote d'Ivoire had to engage in small scale farming after a fruitless long period of job hunting.

"While awaiting for the best opportunity, I keep myself busy in my cassava farm," he told Xinhua in an interview.

N'goran's predicament may find resonance among many high-caliber young people in the Western African country, whose humdrum economic structure offers limited career chances, forcing many college graduates to take up menial jobs.

Rene Ake, a holder of a master's degree in modern literature, was selling brochures at the main bus station in Abidjan, after several attempts, in vain, to enter the public service.

The brochures that he sells, mostly to students, contain information on how to write one's curriculum vitae, motivation letters and use of technical expressions in the French language.

"I sell them at 100 CFA Francs per unit (0.17 U.S. dollar)," Ake told Xinhua, adding that he had engaged in the business for the past six years, during which he kept waiting for a better opportunity.

Soro C., 40, has been searching for a job for the last ten years with little success. His degree in philosophy did not help much.

"To avoid being put down by discouragement, I decided to set up a small shop for mobile phone payments and it is through earnings from this shop that I maintain my family," said Soro, now a father of an eight-year-old girl.

Another university graduate, Mikael Koffi, a holder of a master's degree in human resources, spent over six years managing a telephone booth before finding a job at a petrol station.

While working as a petrol station attendant, he still dreamt of a "bcion" in future.

Andre Zadi is in a similar situation. With a master's degree in economics, he worked at a telephone booth while remaining hopeful that "the sun will one day shine on him."


According to official statistics, unemployment rate in Cote d'Ivoire is estimated at 5.3 percent in line with the "international criteria," but it could hit 25 percent if the "local realities" characterized by under-employment and informal employment were to be taken into account.

A national survey in 2013 indicated that agriculture was the main source of employment, accounting for 43.5 percent of jobs in the country, followed by the services sector (26.4 percent), trade (17.6 percent) and industry (12.5 percent).

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