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Controlling all those leaves covering your lawn was a tough job before the leaf blower came along. Using a rake to accomplish this was actually much more work than it looked to be. Now you have got your choice of numerous leaf blowers that come in many different brands Maxx Williams Womens Jersey , along with different prices.

The leaf blower just isn’t a complex nor mysterious machine. All it has to do is blow leaves. Essentially, it’s simply a tube connected to a high speed fan that’s enclosed in a cover. The tubing focuses the blowing wind from the fan precisely where you want it, shifting the leaves in that direction. You’ll only need a leaf blower, if you have a large garden that you want to look clean, or you have lots of trees that are dropping lots of leaves. Get a leaf blower and you’ll save time and your back will probably feel better, too.

There are plenty of leaf blowers that can be light enough to use one-handed, as well as powerful advanced landscaper units that require a back harness to carry. You may need to have the back safety harness type if you suffer neck or back problems. There are actually two sets of hand held leaf blowers, those that can collect leaves and those that can’t. Specifically, you will find backyard leaf blowers that accomplish more than just blow leaves. They can even collect hedge clippings, clear out tin cans, grass clippings and rubbish. Once you determine what exactly you need your leaf blower for, then you will be ready to figure out which one will work best for you.

If you want to actually take pleasure in your weekend garden work, then the powerful Toro Ultra 3-in-1 Blower, Vacuum and Leaf Shredder is for you. It really is lighter, quieter and cleaner than comparable gas blowers, and also this electric blower has air speeds up to 235 mph. It includes varying speed settings, and its solid metal impeller can shred all kinds of debris. The impeller will shred leaves into mulch this means you will fill up one bag with 16 bags’ worth of reduced waste. You can utilize this useful machine in 3 basic ways – for a regular blower, a mulcher or as a vacuum cleaner, all with no need for tools. The erose metal blades of the mulcher are equipped for many kinds of debris, as well as leaves. After that you can spread the mulch all around your garden and lawn, saving money on essential nutrients.

The Toro Ultra 3-in-1 Blower, Vacuum, and Leaf Shredder is really a more eco-friendly unit, because it is an electric blower that requires less maintenance, and is much quieter when compared to gas blowers. It starts off with the push of a button – no snarled pull cords to deal with. You will not have to concern yourself with your oil and gas combination, nor deal with any nasty fumes. The only problem is apparently needing a power cord and plugin.

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WASHINGTON, April 14 (Xinhua) -- In a study they might be helpful for malaria control, scientists said Thursday that resistance to the antimalarial drug atovaquone cannot be passed on by mosquitoes.

Atovaquone was introduced in 2000 and is safe for pregnant women and children, but it was largely phased out of use because resistance was initially observed.

The new study revealed that although some malaria parasites had developed a genetic mutation that protected them against the drug in early life, the mutation eventually killed the parasites by stopping production of an essential type of energy as they grew.

The results, published in the U.S. journal Science, were based on studying a model strain of rodent malaria and a deadly strain of human malaria.

Lead authors Professor Geoff McFadden and Dean Goodman of the University of Melbourne called it a "genetic trap" that could prove to be a significant step forward in the anti-malaria fight.

The pair, together with collaborators from Indonesia, the U.S. and Japan, investigated the evolution and life cycle of the malaria parasite for the past six years.

"These results are very exciting because the spread of drug resistance is currently destroying our ability to control malaria," said McFadden from the School of Biosciences at the University of Melbourne.

"We now understand the particular genetic mutation that gave rise to drug resistance in some malaria parasite populations and how it eventually kills them in the mosquito, providing new targets for the development of drugs."

McFadden said the findings mean that the development of resistance to atovaquone "may not be a major problem" and that the drug could be more widely used in malaria control.

This is the first time that drug resistance was found unable to spread by mosquitoes, thereby preventing the re-infection of humans, the researchers said.

"Our next challenge will be to look for any spread of this drug resistance in field settings such as Kenya and Zambia," McFadden said.

"We are hopeful that with the development of cheaper generic forms of the drug atovaquone, that there is a new hope in the treatment of malaria."

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