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Sports Headphones

The increasing popularity of small portable mp3 digital music players like the iPod has made listening to music on the move far easier and more enjoyable. This article aims to give some practical information on the type of sports headphones you need to listen to music on the move.
Sports headphones are specially designed for active use while running or working out. The standard ear bud headphones that come with your portable mp3 player are not suitable to wear when you are constantly moving Adrian Kempe Kings Jersey , they are uncomfortable to wear, do not stay in your ears and there is a tendency for the cable to get tangled and pull away from the player itself. Here are some points to consider when choosing a pair of sports headphones.
The most important aspect in choosing a pair of sports headphones is the fit, they need to fit tight to your head and stay there or, if you are looking at an in ear design, go for the type that fits snugly inside the ear. The new high quality SHS5200 neckband sports headphones from Philips have a reflective neckband. Ensure that the sports headphones padding will not get too soggy from perspiration and become uncomfortable to wear. Take a look at sports headphones that make use of noise cancelling technology, this is when the headphones block out ambient noise from outside.

Swimming Headphones Are Now a Reality

Up until a few years ago, the very idea of swimming headphones was patently absurd. Technological advancement is a marvelous thing though, and over the past few years a number of swimming headphones have been created that specifically allow you to listen to music and audiobooks, as you swim, surf, or do any other aquatic sport you like.
The first, most common, solution requires you to wear waterproof headphones that are attached to a waterproof case for your iPod Shuffle or other brandtype of MP3 player. The case is then attached to your swimming goggle, so that your arms have the leeway they need to properly glide through the water.
Honestly, the majority of such protective cases don't do a very good job of actually protecting your iPod or MP3 player. Establishing a 100% waterproof system is far from an easy task. There are, however, companies that specialize in making such swim-proof systems available. Such systems should always favored over cheap, knock-off protective cases.
The second solution for swimmers and water lovers is to purchase an all-in-one set of headphones that include a waterproof MP3 player. If you're not too attached to the MP3 player that you already have (or if you're fine with having one that you've designated specifically for when you're in the water), there are a few different models that come complete with both a waterproof set of headphones and a waterproof MP3 player.
In short, today's technology allows swimmers to enjoy their favorite music while working or just playing around in the water.

Jogging Headphones

One way of spicing up your jogging is by listening to music provided by any kind of portable music player such as iPod or MP3 player.
The headphones must also be able to cope with all the sweat that jogging will produce. There are now headphones, specifically designed for sport, that offer ways of keeping the headphones attached to the head and at the same time with added benefit of being damp proof. These headphones also have in-ear sound isolating system that keeps them attached to the head by an over ear loops and keep the sweat out by sealing the ear canal. If you are planning to jog for over an hour, these lightweight headphones are recommended. Since jogging involves a lot of body movement, especially the swinging of the arms which can go in the way of the headphone wires, wireless headphones can be an ideal choice. Wireless headphones and earphones transmit audio by way of radio frequency (RF) signal but can also utilize infra red for transmitting audio from the music player to the headphones. The clear advantage of this type of headphones or earphones is the absence of wire or cord that runs from the music player, which is usually carried on the pocket or attached to the waist of the jogger, to the headphones or earphones. There will be no dangling wires that interfere with your jogging or cords that stick to your sweaty body.
Whatever type of headphone you decide to use while you are jogging will depend on your personal preferences but one thing that you will have to keep in mind is to pay attention to your environment while you are jogging with headphones.

Buying Guide For Sports Headphones

Buyers may find it hard to choose which sports headphones to purchase owing to the number of products available. Headphones for Running
You should get over the ear or behind the neck headphones. The problem with earbud style headphones is they fall out when you run. Sweat Proof Headphones
Not all sports headphones handle sweat well. If you work out regularly, your headphone must be built to withstand large amounts of sweat.
Going Wireless
Headphone wires can be a real bother. Running around may cause the wires to get entangled. Headphones for Working Out
Some people like to use the headphone that came with their mp3 player. If you're on the treadmill, headphones with clips will do just fine. You'll need sports headphones that are sweat proof if you perform more intense workouts. About Swimming Headphones
If the standard waterproof headphones won't do, you can buy swimming headphones. If you want to use a standard waterproof headphone, you'll need to protect it from the water with your swimming cap. This however, may not be an issue with newer waterproof headphones.
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