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Games > Video GameGOSSIP: Website two might appear earlier following GLaDOS hackers Vapor
Posted by kuaidiana in Games on May 19th Justin Evans Youth Jersey , 2013

Website two is actually formally planned in order to release upon 04 nineteen within The united states as well as upon 04 twenty one within European countries as well as Sydney. Or even could it be? Subsequent Valve’s discharge from the SWTOR CD Key Spud Bag assortment of indie video games, enthusiasts happen to be finding as well as decoding a number of cryptic communications saved by way of Option Actuality Video games (ARG) within the 13 game titles contained in the pack, recommending which Website two might be prepared to perform the moment 04 15.

For instance, because the discharge from the Spud Bag, LITTLE BIT. JOURNEY DEFEAT obtained a good revise having a degree created by Portal’s GLaDOS along with a information recommending which actively playing much more Spud Bag video games could cause an earlier discharge associated with Website two.

The actual information which supported the actual LITTLE BIT. JOURNEY DEFEAT revise:

Such as the additional 12 video games within Valve's Spud Bag, it's rumored which actively playing LITTLE BIT. JOURNEY DEFEAT in between right now as well as Website 2's "scheduled" discharge day may boost the probabilities which Website two is actually launched earlier. Fascinating concept...

This certain is actually! Based on Kotaku, Vapor customers tend to be confirming which Website two has already been prepared to pre-load, that doesn’t generally occur till forty eight several hours prior to the game’s release day. Probably the most guaranteeing decoded information to date utilizes a few innovative mathematics, that additionally facilitates the first discharge day concept:

1 well-liked concept is actually which Portal’s GLaDOS offers hacked Vapor, infecting the actual Spud Bag game titles as well as making an earlier discharge associated with Website two. Therefore may Website two discharge in front of routine upon 04 15? In the event that it will, may the first discharge end up being unique in order to Vapor customers? All of us anticipate much more hints in order to area in the continuing Spud Bag ARG analysis within the arriving times, however we’ll understand without a doubt from 9: 00 'm upon Fri, 04 15.

Meanwhile, you will get a good “official” overview from the cryptic hints as well as suggestions exposed through the Spud Bag alternative actuality video games upon Dejobaan’s web site as well as Tweets. All of us additionally believe you’ll have some fun poking round the Control device PotatoFoolsDay ARG Wiki.

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Hearing Test: Periodic Screening For Auditory Loss Health Articles | June 29, 2012
Health organizations are quick to recommend a variety of screenings. However, the importance of a regular hearing test often goes understated.

Health organizations are quick to recommend the public brush their teeth regularly, see a dentist every six months, watch what they eat, exercise frequently, get regular mammograms past a certain age, and much more. While it doesn't make these recommendations any less important, the importance of protecting one's ears tends to go understated. In fact, not only is it important that you protect your ears (you only have the one pair, as the old saying goes), but also that you get a regular hearing test to make sure that damage has not already been done. Here is a look at some of the screenings that can tell you if something is wrong.

Physical Examination

If a patient comes in complaining of their inability to hear, most doctors will perform a simple physical evaluation before anything else. This is because earwax is one of the most common causes of sudden auditory loss. It may also close up the ear canal gradually, causing the patient to believe they are suffering from progressive auditory loss. If the issue can be relieved by removing wax, it can be done up front instead of wasting time and effort on other problems. Other issues that can be seen upon examination include foreign objects in the ear canal and eardrum damage.

Speech Screening

Before bringing in more advanced forms of the hearing test, many doctors prefer to start simply, especially with patients who haven't complained of impairment. One such simple screening method includes speech audiometry. This consists of the health care provider having the patient repeat words back to them. This type of screening can sometimes be done online as well. Certain websites will improve the accuracy of their speech screening by playing white noise in the background at varying volumes. The inability to pick speech out of background noise is one of the signs of auditory impairment.


One of the clearest and most effective forms of the hearing test is the audiometer. This is what most health care professionals will turn to if the patient if complaining of problems. The patient puts on a set of headphones and the administrator will play tones of varying frequencies and volumes to see if the patient can respond. The results are printed onto a graph called an audiogram, which can show whether or not the patient is suffering from impairment. If impairment is indicated, the doctor can begin looking for possible causes, which can then lead to finding a treatment plan that works.

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