Wrong misconceptions and lack of real marketing

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Building a network marketing business the way most people teach can be very frustrating. An overwhelming majority of the network marketing training focuses on just motivating everyone. Motivation is not bad Solomon Thomas Womens Jersey , but it cannot be a substitute for real marketing strategies. If you think that succeeding in mlm network marketing goes beyond just motivation, then the 7 great lies of network marketing ebook is for you.

Ann Sieg, the author of the 7 great lies of network marketing ebook Dante Pettis Womens Jersey , goes in detail about the various lies that are being propagated in the network marketing industry. She backs up whatever she says with sound arguments. Lack of respect and high failure rates have been a huge problem for the mlm network marketing industry.

Basically speaking, the bad reputation that this industry faces is the result of embarrassing marketing practices that have been used for decades. Practices such as solicitations of malls, handing out flyers Mike McGlinchey Womens Jersey , pressure tactics on prospects to get them to join your business and similar stuff has led to a huge loss of reputation among people. The 7 great lies of network marketing ebook by Ann Sieg talks about these problems.

Network marketing leaders often repeat statements like “we have the best products” “everyone is your prospect”, “this isn’t about selling products but about sharing them” and such stuff. You too would have heard these kinds of statements in network marketing rallies.

Ann Sieg, in her 7 great lies book Jimmy Garoppolo Womens Jersey , says that these are some of the biggest and most damaging lies of this industry. If you are in a real business, you must learn how to sell the products and network marketing industry is no different. Most people think prospects will get scared of hearing the word “selling”. Conceptually this is a wrong approach as it tends to attract the wrong kind of people who will be forever dependent on their uplines. It is bad techniques like this which causes a lot of problems in our industry.

Wrong misconceptions and lack of real marketing techniques pose huge problems in the network marketing industry. No wonder, this industry has a massive failure rates.

The failure aspect has what led many people to think that this business is nothing but a scam. Yes there are failures in other industries too Eli Harold Jersey , but the point is that the way in such people fail in network marketing is simply pathetic. There is too much fluff with no real marketing training in this industry.

The 7 great lies of network marketing ebook by Ann Sieg gives in depth explanations about the various crazy network marketing practices that have done way too much harm to the entire industry. If you haven’t given it a read, then do check it out now.

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