In the United States, a growing number of truck accid

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It’s not news that being a trucker can be a dangerous occupation. With the focus on logs and vehicle safety Wholesale Doug McDermott Jersey , we tend to forget about the most important factor in keeping our roads safe: the driver. This is becoming a legitimate concern to our truck drivers and their families.

A recent study shows that truck driving is one of the top ten riskiest professions in the U.S. There are many risks involved when our truckers are out on the road for long hours every day including unfavorable weather to bad drivers on the road. Some days it would seem that the world is conspiring against them to prevent prompt deliveries. In addition, unusual schedules, lifting heavy items Wholesale Raymond Felton Jersey , fatigue, stress, sitting for long periods and an improper diet can all lead to server health issues.

As a result of spending long hours driving Wholesale Kevin Durant Jersey , many truckers develop unhealthy habits such as getting insufficient rest, unhealthy eating and of course the truck becomes home.

In the United States, a growing number of truck accidents are the result of over-stressed and fatigued drivers. Fatigue can also cause disorders such as difficulties in breathing and sleep apnea. Women truckers are not excluded from these problems. In fact Wholesale Gary Payton Jersey , woman drivers are faced with issues such as migraines, backaches, sinus problems Wholesale Shawn Kemp Jersey , and impaired vision.

The average age of today’s truck driver is 49 - an age group with increased health risks. Years of continuous hauling and sitting can affect the circulatory system and high blood pressure can lead to a stroke or heart attack. A major concern is if this occurs during a trucker’s transit. Of course, the result could be fatal to both themselves and to the motoring public.

Another health concern that plagues truckers is diabetes. Truckers have little or no time for exercise because they spend most of their time on the road. Since they have no time for themselves, their diets tend to be deficient in nutrients Wholesale Detlef Schrempf Jersey , and they eat foods containing high-fat. Diabetes continues to be a serious issue for the trucker in maintaining hisher CDL.

A Solution - HELO LX

Wor(l)d Global Network (WGN), a publicly listed company (WRMT), was founded in 2011. WGN is aimed at bringing people together to achieve a healthy lifestyle through technology. WGN markets their wearable wrist device through a networking business model. The wrist device is called HELO.

In December 2016 Wholesale Ray Allen Jersey , Wor(l)d launched a new device called HELO LX, the most advanced lifestyle wearable device. The Helo LX is an improved version of the original Helo. It focuses on tracking the activities of the heart, using specific frequencies to track the cardiovascular health of its user. Unlike regular wristbands Wholesale Paul George Jersey , the Helo LX is not limited to monitoring physical data.

What is sure to become an Industry favorite is the Helo LX built-in GPS function with a panic button. The panic button can notify the drivers loved ones or dispatcher if they are in trouble. Now a trucker wearing the Helo LX is just one button away from informing the necessary people with an exact GPS location during an emergency.

There has been interest within the Transportation Industry of creating and implementing a wellness program. However, the ATRI says they need to see quantifiable data. Perhaps the HELO LX will provide that necessary research the ATRI is lacking.

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