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Not old Xu Alex

Ruckus a month, attracted numerous eye ball of the World Cup, was finally settled this morning. Italy, which is "yellow beak" vigorously sought after Italy, ultimate shoot-out luck won the "Cup" weariness of the ball at midnight, with brightest day, the snowman is like seeing the Sun,cheap fifa coins ps3 first to the spirit, and with no alternatives but to melt. Scatters confetti in whatever the main stadium and shoot off fireworks to create a happy and peaceful, exciting atmosphere, the sight of Italy who kissed the trophy when all scurrying about, began to feel "sad". A sense of being made a fool of, along with the indomitable will of this World Cup began when isn't it? Which team won the champion bad, Chan's body, I have to get a scandal tainted the team had to be sentenced to go? Clinch the highest level of the World Cup team, was a den of "prisoner awaiting trial", fifacoinsmonster.com is this not on the football-loving people of the world a big mockery? Might be on this earth, "the first movement of" making too much, gave God kept me awake, so blind join Goldfinger to be turned into a door frame, simply blocking the France team's penalty?

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